My left hip was in 7 pieces, put back together with many much metal rods and pins in 2004 my TBI…

I’ve been to 3 different mental-hopsicles for a total of 5 visits, overall in the time of the passed… and I’d rather stay here at “Averte”

Carissa so gentle and sweet, I bet she has small feet, to any Feature Creator of creatine monohydrate, suggested for Athletic peeps abroad the Earthly “Globe” of Beantown where FACE DOWN, ASS UP, that’s the way rappers like to F the girls in need of weed and pills of Ambien to sulk into Grace, within the space between the sheets. . . of Divorce papers pappers of argument clatter in the hizzy off Tickles Tramps with LAMPLIGHTER II boo’s onstage showing the John’s treats so treated with Washington’s one dollars when Ja Rule sings “Holla Holla” I sent to Peter, earlier tonight that he is a Jehovah’s Witness with the Testament of a poor girl’s on-court Testimony for money, bribed, and to LIE, awake at night with working down, worried about getting Fired by Trump in a local dump the trashmen employees wasting withered recycled cans, doing what you da man, Dan, my totally legitimate stockbroker in CT where the ocean is emerald, and Jade, Dan getting laid-  hold him a Parade in his marriage to beautiful Jessica, their kids he hugs and loves, his boy and girl, making up his world, with makeup that I kissed Dan’s face, not being sprayed with Mace or by a skunk, Dan is a Hunk with a handshake eating Cake, we baked, on CBD pills, playing a lot of crypto-captains on many stockbroker dot-com’s and awaiting Elon Musk’s tweets, his sweet sweaty hair, him on Space-X with an ex-lover in a Projects downtown with drug-dealing and crime on the rise, I am so wise, potato chips, the wisdom of widows who worship their dead loved $1’s to buy the cheapo scratch tickets Lizzy eating crickets and meals of worms, they would squirm, and kept in the refrigerator to keep them cool, Docile, all Meaningwhile the trance of The Definitely $1’s tucked into a woman’s bum, and on on-stage the election was Rigged in a Big-Rick 18-wheeler with the squirming uncomfortability Abilify — I no longer take because I do so well with my mental Abilities my brain working correctly, for all to see, my writing is all about me and my Tranquility (and the many Tranq’s they gave me in the mental hospitals so long ago. . .) I stay at now for many years with my own Apartment, wearing designer garments, when they do my laundry-list of Faith in God!

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