It turns out my once best friend of many months is a white liar!

Although he is a great person with a TBI, like I have one too, and he’s a great person so I appreciate his loyal friendship! He’s really so religious and I, for one, do not believe self-pleasure is wrong, especially since the Surgeon General says “Masturbation is NORMAL” this when all of nature loves sexual pleasure and the pleasantries of being clean and sociable, wishing for a girl in his world, having spent so many hours of driving to restaurants and dining, I almost always paid the bill — I let him take care of the Tip for TSP waitresses and waiters, they were all my friends, but in the end of my time in Charlton, MA with my Mom and Dad, living at home, he had his own apartment and I wanted to live in Worcester again, half an hour away from where I grew up, my Bibles I would clutch, yeah I always kept a Holy Bible with me when I would sleep, instead of staying up all night, like when I would write with Microsoft Word that I bought a copy online to download it. Word.

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