I saw Elon Musk’s name on Fortune.com with a brief article and I became his friend, when he agreed to be my “Friend” for a full day, oh hey-day riches! Bitcoin, Etherium, XRP, Facebook, Gold (because I didn’t have enough money to buy full Diamonds!), etc. and that my Geico shares are @ $200,000 or so, waiting for $250,000 to sell them! =D

Coming out the heir’s of riches, I cinch my beautiful beauties, their round Booties make me think of the Marching, with my March 20th birthday for me at 40 years-old, and with Boots on the Ground in Ukraine, making me frown-down at the possibility of World War Three, not so Jubilantly-  I know you see my point in a Pint on the from the front of a Bar — none near — they are all so far — away and SOBER 2016! — so step back up off me I’ll kill thee with my mighty pen of an is this guy seriously sweet to take a Treat to Eat in my apartment, here, and away from Mum ’n’ Pop who my Peloton stock dropped, took a hit, when Big died on S&TS with Carrie, that mess in a dress with a Wendy’s burgers burnt and winking, what was the Cook thinking?  To leave the grill, paying a Bill Blasius, his charming daughter in a little black dress, hopefully not dating any “Thugs” with a tug, on their belts loaded with a gun — so what Elsa’s Eatery flopping waffles and ice-cream cakes with candles on top from Dairy-Queen, where my Mom would be seen with her favorite dessert-  and Carol in the desert, near the UAE, our allies, they all be, on the USA allegiance to dressed up Population’s Pilgrims, smiling grins, feeling “Pins and Needles” in their legs, their knees, so kneel before my the beautiful blonde blowing out the candles on that Cake of Bukkake in the twisted country of Asian lingo, when I say GET, or I’ll sweep you down, on the ground, making a moaning, whaling sound as per a broken back, from the attack of a Negroe Thug who’sey Artillery-  his phone is bugged!

The Firm – Phone Tap = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nnsX3J81g4s


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