Hi Carissa, read as much as you can, that’s “Their Plan” and I’m SOBER 2016! =D

Jeff Beck is my favorite guitarist, twerking his wrists, and Stanley Jordan is super too, I saw them in concert, these two, you know who-

I’m talking about, eating delicious Trout, caught in a stream, and I am not very mean, if you see what I’m saying, so willy-nilly with the musical artist and Black rapper, “Nelly” so smelling the stink of two in the pink, one in the whole dirty spot, I don’t smoke Pot- to give me the supreme power of garnering viewers, having Dana Gardner talk to me only rarely — California is where he stays, living on the West Coast-  the host of a Covid-19 business, when the CHINESE-virus was such a mess, that I predicted, maybe giving it the name, with a “19” which is old enough, straighten my cuff, with pink Minks — I’m a TaLenTed WRITER methinks…

Sweetie and sweaty, that chef Betty Crocker is swinging in a rocking chair, propping up and adjusting the collar-  on her Dogecoin investment investigated by the National Bank of France, my Authorities and Elon Musk-  on the whisper of a cusp, with no cut-marks of Mr. Yetter’s obese body- so fat and lazy that I hope he gets better! Thinner and slimmer in a Robe, robbing the ropes of the lynches in trenches, down South-  and chewing with my mouth, the tobacco touches my tongue, it’s smoke, I do very little OF!

Having reached beyond God and into empty space, after having seen foreign galaxies and celestial beings, that was my place, to solder mechanics with a big unit and a wrench-  Ally, she is a wretch, sitting on her fat ass (that’s a bad thing), and on a park bench,

When I press the flex of my chest, along with mammoth biceps, I am bereft of being sad, my being SO DAMN GLAD- she is no more, that S&M girl, no riches, she was my bitches, of no mouth-contact-  Hey that wasn’t in the agreement of the bed-time arrangements!

My problems-  I solve them with Disco Solvent of being non-violents playing notes, my TBI…. I learn to cope-  and having hopes of luxury, some sporty sports cars, so will you take a ride with me ???

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