The Sine Symbol and I’m F-I-N-E FINE!

I want to thank my deceased Uncle Mick for having given my brother and I these great, heavy GOLD NECKLACES OF PURE GOLD!

Frazzling Frizzles of daylight Lily, the Eli, this in-particular night and Day of typing “Heya” online, with AIM’ed at a trifle rifle belonging to whoother Woo State students, the arbitrary is somehow definitely “Pru-dent” in a car door from the store in recent time, dropping a dime into the Take-a-Penny, Leave-a-penny with stoners grouching all crouching in the parking lot, someking their stoners stop their Pot of candles with thick handles online like my “jmarquis710” and “alwayschillen” and “wrxtbi” online dancing displays so fine of immediate dedication to God Himself The Father of His universe, with the calm, quiet, and peaceful quitting of sticking stickers onto the laptop’s top surface of the frozen lake to setup “Tilts” on Baker Pond that my Dad can come into the house and watch to see if any fish have quote-onquote “taken the bait” when he waits for a flag to go up on the ice water Perrier or Monadnocking at the door of the store, bringing with him or her a Mink of fur, the furls of girls hair curls with Finesse your spirits without a cup fool, of a wishful delight to continue my Sobariety until the days are through, hopefully continuing my great Sobriety until North Korea finds a legitimate sourcerer to administer these nuclear-weapons a broad and her bra-strap in-the-back when twisted backwards, but speaking of 8 East mental-hospital, I want you to peruse a great creation on my Laptop’s “station” having once purchased pens with personalized “Stationary” — I won’t be movie moving my Blu-ray Discs from home, like “The Social Network” that I honestly went to the movie-theaters TWICE to view “THE FACEBOOK MOVIE” as my FB is dear to me after having signed up at my University with Ashley Hannan having a nice dark Tan as per the tanning-bulbs to blow kisses to the “Carnations” I’ll buy for Valentine’s of a vivacious nature, speaking from my soul, at The Sole a while ago, when, Hayleigh Noel said to me — she was a girl celebrating her 21st birthday when purchases of “Age Defying Face-creams, as this big-booty girl — I didn’t like her huge ass- but that’s just me — being 21 and looking for “Age Defying” products at the Beauty — — a short story, for any of those who want more of me Ramping Up and ramming a beautiful, dainty Daisel on an Easel for my paintings that came out so nicely painted with Acrylics only, but no oils that Pierre, my art instruction doctor, Oils are messy when you don’t know what you’re doing with them, but some painters start out—so I only used Acrylic paint on small easels, sitting still and stationary on the polymer seat, so neat to think about my Dad’s huge plastics business he sold, sorta getting old, BUT HE HAS ALL HIS FADED-BLACK HAIR ON HIS HEAD, not to get a shaved skull like in that “Beauty” short-story I wrote for Creative Writing at WSU — that’s Wu-Tang Clan, their “WU BLOCK” disc I enjoyed, toying around town in my car, not going very far like Boston, MA that’s over an hour away and me with my TBI, I would have a hard time driving all the way to the city and finding parking, and it’s Parallel Parking with meters that my Dad is cashing in a cup full of coins, for me, saying THANK YOU DAD!

And then: I WANT MY MONEY! =D

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