McLovin’ in the movie “Superbad”

Whimsically enchanted in the highest of heights when I might just, beat my meat with you, Justine Aragona, so sweet in the finest respects of I don’t know the definition of “Bereft” — although I think it means something like WITHOUT, as in my finances through Mom and Dad, my stocks rose in 2021 and I believe I set them to sell in 2023, because I like the Miley Cyrus song “23” that’s a part of my Bitchain, that I invested so much in 2013 or 2014 with profits nearly obscene, how Rich I am with Mom and Dad, that my broker has been had with .3% of my worth- he’s been had as a result of me (and not Dad), us controlling my CASH when I want to fuck a new girl in her ASS, up and Humpty humping with a Gurgling sound, when my balls are round, and nightly drained, when the staring onscreen to the Beat (my Meat) to the tune of a drum that most involved in stocks are SO SIMPLY DUMB — invest in what sounds good, to pay for your food, at the liquor store, more of swilling your swill on a see-saw, as I haven’t driven in years, me with a Ferrari would have my parents in fear, of my safety, where I have my own apartment, and my parents are 3 hours away, so they are FAR and not NEAR!

“I could have gone to school to be a doctor, but I dropped out and chose to be a baller!”

When my money talks sifting and silent with a dreary Night upon us where I hiss like a cat and catch a foul swear word, oh great Lord, of Anne Skinner’s “Walking With The King”- her words (and my own) THEY SING with a loud voice and punchline like a “Zing!” with a blurred bird flapping its WINGS and landing so gently upon the branch, I’m sick of the white dressing sold as “Ranch” with “Hey Dude” when I liked the girls, on TV, as a little boy interested, yeah all me, for those curious as per my intentions, I wish there was an Intervention before my and drinking in 2013 — I was with Justine, until the end, when she would Bend, over, in the shower with my penile-powers of length and girth where I put it in her Hennesey me drinking too much, it was my crutch, after being in a wheelchair, and unable to shave my pubic hair, I didn’t care, as to being on Life-Support, to attack the Asian Fort, of China — the enemy of my interning at Bitcoin but unofficially where and when to type on my old dot-com’s that I hope to soon have a 4th and 5th domain, my propagation needing no refrain, for my fans, all over the International Lands, of an hour-glass filled with Sandy the cleaner, who carries my dirty dishes, to be washed, as you watch me with my Movado, the 3rd one I’ve had, my Watch the Watchers on my laptop, so hacked, and monitored by those who are against me, that I wish they wouldn’t, because my freedom is prudent, that my new next vehicle has NO DENTS! and to be newish “ardent” for an argument about my Bank in France, that I want my money in 2023, like I said, over and over again, I bought Miley Cyrus’ disk 0-day when I saw her on the front, a pretty little girl- in her world of dominating takeover, sharing photos of her “cookie” and cooking up a storm on stage wearing a thong, a g-string, while she sings “Wrecking Ball” I heard on KISS 108 FM once, when she was my newfound love- my Hunn, attending Nude Beaches as for Justine Aragona’s heart again, her heart I Reaches, and For, all of the love of taking me to God Himself The Father of His universe, a la Tantric sex till sunrise when I took Yohimbine to cause a great Arousal, that my future-spouse will take care of the household, or a maid when I have it made with my Bitcoins and “crypto-currencies” that Currently I choose to do YOU KNOW WHO but Ember and Carissa, I won’t leave so you won’t miss me, like I miss YA so much, needing a crutch, of talking to Donna Donohue, that’s what I’ll do, and the deed, to FEED MY NEED focusing on swooning the blusterous boulders below, hello, her shoulders exercised with Rowing, my abode, my apartment, occasionally going to the gym, although not lately- I haven “been” and working out, catching a delicious Trout, in a stream, and I dream, of being with Laurie Griffin taking my HUGE DICK, in her, her “within” her legs, so casually spread, after giving me some head, a blowjob, Allyson never did and I tried to pay her with legit dollars — some Quid, that I would often eat squid swimming in the ocean, I haven’t been, to, and lately for California with Dana and Mikey I want to be, nearer to them, not growing taller, but not shrinking EITHER as to not require pants to be Hemmed, a hummer, I never got from Allyson — what a BUMMER, but her buns were fun, doing it doggystyle, being her favorite position, to tease me with the place I’ve never been, of her “backside” with my attitude of me being so “Snide” and without having lied, I tell it all, and I’d like a car this coming Fall — I haven’t fallen in a long time — when I will have it all, my profits come 2023 — “23” by Miley showing snatch for a famous magazine, her Miley being my queen and her beautiful voice, Stoic, in her intentions and Regular with enough Fiber that’s good for the kidneys, apparently, when after I have Psyllium Husk I poop and pee!

You do it too and it’s all natural bodily functions bringing me to a Traffic Stop “Junction” as to my Assumption College with Bradley Kozub, her body he’d pat and rub, now being married for many years — his wife is his Dear Lordy I be. Where the Geo Storm be, like the Russian horses and Elks, along with Ely Nelly — an elf, on a shelf, this past XMAS in Glory be to God’s great name, refrain: GOD GOD GOD at the edge of space, Justine’s thong lace, just look at her face, so pretty and younger, than I, that that I cannot deny, but she was 18 when we started our relationship of love and going out in boats — our Ships, take a hit, of the Bugler tobacco a little at a time, when I never mind, and inhaling deeply my lungs they ate a meal of seeing baby Navy SEALS, extra food in the Navy Kitchen- no need for Krystal Steal the star of films, scared of getting smudge in her eyes, my enemies, they lie, awake, a cake they bake in the back of the oven, with McLovin’ :

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