Justin Marquis wanted to become a “Herpatologist” who studies Lizards getting Slizzurd on shots, but now Justin is an artist WHO SMOKES POT! my parents don’t mind him doing it

Having once owned a Leopard Gecko named “Speckles”, I’m coming non-onstage to bathe standing up, adoring cup cakes, and baking the roast of the most Meat you’re seen-  as of late at night Freddy Kruger fright, to fight the bad dreaming I’m never having, the disco bang of wrenches and hammers-  the hardware, the Machinist doesn’t care, his dick in his arm, coming with love for Valentine’s Day I want to say HEY — I hope you appreciate the vase of Carnations (Dan invest in XRP that’s up right now and if I make enough I’ll buy you a 300-HP vehicle, six speed) and reading Diner’s Digestion of meals and medicines BUT NO SALTY SARDINES!  Does anyone else get annoyed about coffee-shops Adding Anchovies to the Caesar salad Feast  with no birds  I know where I’ll be! With a heated cut of Poultry, good protein coming from and animal for the care of shaven hair, in the sink, I think, I’m not a Twink!  Or a Twink-Eater by the gobbling Turkey’s who are fed with animal-feed who I gave Ripley big pieces of Chicken,  and Dana’s cat is way too fat!  Dana’s cat was so FAT it was kind of disgusted by a Kitty that flies a kite in the Park brake on the Cardano purchase I’ve made, and make a new one for me and my Hun, on this Valentine’s Day celebration, and all across the Nation of Islam to quote-unquote CRAM, for a test — and that test is, not my testes, no, but the test of breast “weight” that Are they equal?  To the equality of evil cigarette smokers who go PUFF AFTER PUFF, the nicotine makes them inhale so rough, now tough, thinking cigarettes are cool when they’re really not, so I would only have cigars inhaling some, of the smoke-  Facebook no longer let’s you “Poke…” your online friends to the end of Facebook, having once thought it would be shut down, say what? Say what?  Yeah I thought Facebook was “Oh” so going to be shut down by Authoritarian Authors writing on their blogs, many have dot-com’s my 3 websites, maybe soon having 4 dot-com’s, as my http://alwayschillen.blogspot.com is without a Domain Name “John 3:16”

Slice and Dice so Nice with Vanilla Ice, “Too cold, too cold” back in the day when I would have dry orgasms listening to this one sexy song he sung about making love to a girl — really I was a boy and dreaming of ladies’ vagina’s that I wanted to trace an ice cube along a woman’s nipple, one at a time, becoming “Beaming” I’m not dreaming, I don’t think, as my sink (and skin) doesn’t STINK in the least or in the most-  I would be a good restaurant “Host” at the front door, maybe once a Greetings my dear Readers, I will be posting a lot in a day to come right every night, not getting very horny-  as the night-staff bores me here, sitting on my couch at 65 miles per hour, but kitties don’t like sour milk when the Litter box stinks!

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