“Heaven Hill” and Bill Blasius of my Church and Dad’s company, he’s not a drinker of liquor! I like him a lot for being so nice to me! SOBER 2016!

So please Nod your head, submerged in Egg Nog as I tackle a hog with swim-baits so big they flip your wig of genuine pubic shavings so curly downstairs, and wince the girlies, they go, down with a lucky Turkey FROWN as I’ve never had that, you know, “That…” with feminine woman here at “Averte” where I stay and to Play with the Spakesherean lingo of digits dancing with doggies, doing the Dougie in Justine’s rear, to lend an ear, hearing Ripley (rip), Playing in Dreams, what I want to do to a girl is sweet and sincere, here, upstairs or down, so don’t frown as I’m able to sleep at night, albeit on the couch, or in my queen-size bed with a legit stomach of Abdominals, Dom Candido who tells me that 1 plus 1 equals 2, with a lead pencil piece jammed into my ear and drinking green “tea”, from a store, I now want no more nonsense of dancing a get-go Pontiac GTO to go-go, boots, with ladies playing the flute to fluff a Puff of Cocoa, and the lawn I mow- it as thoroughly as can be so sweet and neatly cleaned and laid on the bed, instead of the Racks- of bosoms on ladies, it’s their boob-tube I want to see, to watch the TV so favorably, switching between CNN and Fox News — I’m in-tune with the happenings of the entire world, and of a O-shaped snow tube, this chick’s right her, right boob, it’s bigger than the left, on that crackhead whore’s whack Tube, like PHAT O-PRAH an orphan, or something, and a one-time drug user, I’m not to advise discretion, my advice, play GTA: Vice City and do me, Please, for my erection is left dangling from all of the newfound hanging and strangling “the chicken” with Tryptophan in the Turkey, you jerk (it) let’s keep this LOW-KEY hehehe, you saw me and I did it there, I know people who have no hair, anywhere, but for a “Bush” voted to remaining President in 2004, like my Subaru WRX with a huge Turbo and aftermarket wheels, at my knees, I need you to KNEEL BEFORE YOUR SCREEN on the computer, reading me, or the TV that I advise you to watch an Int’l News Channel, to choose from, in an Arab womb-and’s rear, made popular by gay men and their bed-buddy “friends” in their rear end!

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