Do you get “Deja Vu” when I’m with you?

Let the beat control your total body comfort as I confront the tender woman (“Tini Ara”) about her picking a bone and getting SLIZZURD with reptile lizards letting loose the Jones’ing mama-duck, with her ducks in a row for only Dan to know when my 250 Bitcoins reach the pique of an interest as due and does Justine- my once-time sweetie was so needy of “Care” with health-proxy parents being gents of a singing nature — au naturel with a stinky smell protruding from rude lush customers at the local liquor store, the alcohol, they want THE MOST from the host and hostesses at Applebee’s with the savory “Appetizer Sampler” with a binger in her hair up their- on top with a boisterous flip-flop, Sandy with the mop, as I doubt Donna has one — was it a lie? or was it a pun? I have a lot of fun here with my parents coming near-er or nay, says Mama Bread ToDay and driving up here 2.5 hours away, to “Averte” where I enjoy the U2 song, “Stay” off of Zooropa their album with buttered buns being the ones or two’s, and I have you, right where I want you, in front of a screen- on your webcam you are being seen!

So I have a piece of tape over my laptop’s camera, that the audio is probably broadcast — this won’t be my lasting for hours of Tantric sex, a la Justine (and Allah) who did what was ne’er seen- with previous lovers, only a couple, as I want to be apart from the girls of before my injuries — a TBI, they didn’t want to be with me, so Dumped, I was in a hospital bed, where I chose to care about recovering, instead… Foxy fucking with the preggers Mother Hen “clucking” with keys clicking- this is what I’m thinking ::: to be with two girls at once, I’ve done that previously, with 3 girls doing me!

Oh to be!

with those three girls, so pleasantly, and the sex with me, it came sporadically… sometimes all at once, all three, they were horny and oh-so desperate for a piece-of-me!

The S-word and seafood Swordfish for din-din, when I use the Treadmill I become so thin, and able to doo the hoopty-hoo with an Islamic Jew of a naughty oil-rich behavior, Jesus is now known as “The Savior” and Kool-Aid strawberry fruit-punch flavor to savor, at home with the sugary packets (or scoops) of colored grains a la the Sucrose, to make the most of Carbohydrates, I hate, them, not eating any “carbs” . . .  at Arby’s . . . where Katrina worked with her low metallic voice, I heard- an oncoming Hearse of not her’s but some old lady who’se cradled up in a coffin, with caffeine, but not like a baby, the elderly become so fragile, as 45 Olympian athletes, who are ‘agile’, in China have COVID-19 I designed by request, emailing China and talking to them on the phone, about my injuries, its me on The Throne, when I promised them a donation- I picked the name: Covid-19 like Justine was 19 years-old, her I sold, her I told, pinch my Brother’s butt, and he was all like “WHAT?!?”

My parents were there, and they didn’t really care, as they know I’m a silly bear, a care-bear, and careful on the stairs!  Not to trip and slip taking a spatter — down the stairs Mother Baby Batter, Batter on the MLB Field of Dreams, to be seen on TV, is that Hounas Wagner? The baseball card, hard, to find, sold for millions of USD, that’s the fine for the seller/buyer of antique flea market Treasure by any measure, my height with shrunken legs, I love to eat the white’s-only of chicken eggs, usually for breakfast, and I hate to break it to you, but “It’s all for Used!

And while “I hate to think that I was just your TYPE!” On the keys to the prickley pickle in a jar, refrigerated but not frozen, the cucumber I choose, it’s CHOSEN! one or two fingers make it moisten, awaiting the entry from Behind with my Dogecoin profits that I thank my former “best-friend” (for a short time) Let’s have it for Elon Musk, reading about an entrepreneur in 2005, he was alive and set for greatness, with waiting, but not at a table, The Body of Christ!

“You’re singing it together, Now I bet you even tell her…”


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