President Poet Laureat Prose-Poetry

So damselfly like damsically and Droning on while drifting when driving around the Oval Track like F1 sensations a la Michael Schumacher of yesteryear, when Ferrari racing was so dear, to me, who sees the ways of the female temptresses in tight black skinny ini mini dresses, making messes in the kitchen sink that you better was the dishes, or they will STINK, so stop to THINK:  sleep at one together with endurance at the mostest, while in a moist orifice, mutually pumping to view one’s faces at which time we’re hitting the peak of sex this week, a Saturday Night where we all Live to the tune of the NBC current tuning into The Weekend Update, now missing Tina Fey of yesterday at 11:30 and laughing at the bright comedians, the rap gangsters, the great offenders of law & order, ships docking at port for more ‘a’ the bringing in Chinese coins, the counterfeits, so wait — they will be taken off the street, courtesy of Banks billing and swilling the illegitimate Bills, imitated, irritating the U.S. Treasury of printing prestige and pristine Benjamins to buy 10 dime-bags of the schweety schwag, sold at High Schools where the burnout tools get higher than the sky on the morning commute in — hotboxing the old vehicles of new drivers, having pressed their pills to the pedal in a shitty Chrysler Concorde, a plane, playing Playa’s all plain with refrain of hot lighter’s burning pain, sink in a drain, when the clouds come in ironing rain with old Nickels Bearing Buffalo emblems of vintage Flea Market collections of remembrance of time passed, long ago in the Past, pissing on a lonely bush, the last bit- Push it out as the emanated stream ceases to a sizzle of pitter-patter, the baseball batter, of Pancakes to be Baked (!!!) with marijuana rolled properly, oh please, we just “Be” on Earth as time comes to an end, with so many Saint John’s friends, and Popular in the student Population- the populous to study, teacher says “You must hit them books, parents paying $5,000 per year in the Catholic reservation with intense discretion, possibly bearing an awkward erection, in class, with a Playboy being passed, around, making Christian’s frown at Christmas Eve debauchery… so Tipsy with the whimsical wee-wee awaiting the Wifey’s cream pie, one’s right eye, squinting with see-saw “Swingers” like the Hollywood Film, fit for a party, the movie playing when the boy gives the girl, next to him, such a Romantic VIM to never sin but premarital intercourse, prematurely coming to one’s senses, do you know how greatly immense the tense taking of a wake-bake baking in a Tanning Booth to soothe the skin, come winter, being that it’s pleasant to have heated skin, coming from the epidermis within — yeah Tanning in the winter season bears the reason to turn the radiator off so it’s chilly, giving Bill Blasius a “Wet-Willy” with my own Will being arranged, leaving money to my Brother Justin — and this just in ::: Bitcoins were worth $69,000 hours ago, while I “go with the flow” of the lowly suckers taking the bait, like fish, so WAIT… for what’s coming next on the tick-tock clock around one’s wrist and making a fist, so pissed, hearing a knock at the door while getting one’s funny-business on, in the Queenie bed upstairs- about this, I care, with plenty of crevice hair, downstairs, now, knocking more at the door, for The Stairway To Heaven leading to the mail-man with a package from that took so long, to arrive, the bodybuilder thrives, at the gym, all him’s, lifting the weights and watching females’ booties walking with cardio, I say, “Yo” to you and hoo-hoo-hoo it’s Howie Boo, and with gargantuan applause as the symptoms of a sick stomach pause- and scratched by a kitten, I’ll blow you away to Smithereens deep throat sirens, online with Johnny Depp and Michael Epps acting in such a way, every day, showing up at The Set and doing sit-up’s for a quick “pump” of the abs — now you’ve all been “had”, by me who will scrape by with a grade higher than a “C” or “C+” — but not C++ the programming language that I couldn’t manager with skills of textual material, and eating Cocoa Puffs, the cereal, catching codes and scanning the UPC’s at U.P.S. where the workers work and booties Twerk on-stage with Britney Spears, fearing, a “Wardrobe Malfunction” accurately and Happily dancing as “The Show Goes On”- Rook takes Pawn, playing Chess, bereft, after mowing the lawn, with headphones on, this huge lawn, taking so long, and getting sweaty to perspire at this time so Dire — how much I need the ways of Mr. Hayes, and wearing Hanes, quivering hands as Columbus Columbine Colombia discovered New Lands, and to invade, taking over, the many Soldiers, metal Soldering, the Pewter smoke making me grin, so I win with smooches for Mommy! *kiss*

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