Dancing in Space with Allah! =)

Humpty Hump, it’s the Humpty Dance, wearing pants and praising Lance of LIVESTRONG, with two of them on, one at each wrist, typing with boom-laden Fists a slipping to the slithery birth, from the womb, then much later to the Tomb due to a Hyper-Sonic Bomb as the choir of the memory sings on, so long, like my words in the verve of taking sentences to the fullest, stock market’s “Bullish” Bitcoins to reap the loins of Sir Loin, the lion on a loan from the bank with The goings to thank- as I cinch my teeth tight, bright and white, they shine, when my teeth are mine, and Mining Bitcoins with computer machines, if you know what I mean, about that with a mouse and a gnat, reminding me of Nate, from my Dad’s rich company, and the Brother of who other, than “Tiph” Desrosiers- I’d like to grab her, by the hair, sucking her neck, with thick forearms, bearing 2 arms, longer- elongated with Insulin needles, I needed the nurse to shrink them, when I had awkward arms, Derek Langlois asking me how they got so long, they grew, with advice from a Fitness magazine, before I push you down, making you frown, down and heaten Heaven beaten, my Rod- but for fishing on a pond a while ago, it’s been so long, and I’m not into theft, leaving the cashiers bereft of Beef and beer, a la some Diet, like COKE ZERO IS MY HERO!

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