Can you stomach my Poetry?

Turn it up with Tums for the stomach indigestion and Trump the Tramp, his “Insurrection” in the Eastern Direction requiring police intervention, when the criminals get modern-day “Detention” or “dereliction” of my own discretion, once again: in the Eastern direction, as the film Director instructed Mr. Baldwin to kill an innocent algae known as Krill, like the Oil sold at The Vitamin Shoppe, helping wounded Vets with their lifelong PTSD and their stress, with push-up’s for a big and mighty chest, girls with two breasts, or sometimes just one, Cancer burning 1 kitty-titty off like the Sun, my hun, so I pray your bosoms be symmetrical for the one of all, yours truly, making it with Bitcoin(s) in my name, savoring the modern-day fame with my financial “Ledger”, but don’t step off or feel the effects of gravity, a grave, for a slave, the brevity, as I will behave to my own tune, coming without June, Mrs. Vo, one with a kid to raise, like added assortment of bills, to buy pills from GNC, where I was once I would just “be” with my laptop and assorted videos of a naughty nature, I’ll take you, where we want to go, to overthrow, the King of El Salvador, and adopting Bitcoin as natural currency, Justine Aragona: I SEE YOU *WITH ME* !!!!!

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