Sitting pretty in Cali- Dana my best friend, millions to spend!

DANA I’m not a complainer on my computer with dot-com’s at my disposal
I’m so glad your fiancé accepted your proposal
It’s in the sink disposal, but I’m keeping my Bitcoins and Tesla shares

Twinkle checks at the bank,
With my Dad to thank-

The millionaire watching Shark Tank that I have you, Dana Gardner, to thank,

For being my friend until the end, when there’s war I hope to implore Biden to sink them, my nation’s enemies,
So thankful you’re a dear friend of me, of mine, you drink wine, with my Sober 2016!

Christmas crinkle the tingle of my forceps coming across with infinite details of sweet females on FM-radio DJ’s doing what they do best, their toothpaste, it’s Crest, along the Elon Musk conversations sweeping the nation, weeping to myself, I do it the best, with the pain all gone, girls wearing tight thongs, singing soft songs with Sophie in Heaven, my grammy, the eldest I have ever known, Justine will see the seed of her own!

Dana Gardner going longer,

With Wes in the hospital-
He could have it all,
My dear friend and buddy feeling funny, in a vegetative state, me here in Vermont-

I want a new pen- a Mont Blanc with 24 karats, I’m going nuts!

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