I hope to soon own a used Geo Metro in good condition, with a mere 90 horsepower, but I might be too tempted to drink a beer and drive buzzed, so I don’t plan on having a car until I buy a house for Justine Aragona and I, in marriage, close to my parents in Charlton, MA!

Imperially impractical tangents of the Misses Dear, and her Gentle “Gent” up in the air, so who would care to caress a baby bear — a Cub — as in the Scouts catching, in streams, the Trouts the fishes with splashes in the ambient water, a little chilly, with none other than me being so dreamily Silly, giving you a “Wet Willy” upon the escalades of Mount Vesuvius and Cadillac — their “Escalade” rolling on rims with the passengers emulating Kim Kardashian, being so thin, it comes from the precious calcium within, for strong bones, unbreakable, the Navy Seal is “Make-Able” with remarks from Captain Kangaroo, after the ghost (of Grammy) says, “Boo!”

My Dad boo’s my choice to keep most of my profits offshore, and that I made him rewrite the contract between him and I, that I’m giving my Dad 49% of my Bitcoins but only when I choose to sell them, and my Dad is also very wealthy, so he’s leaving me some money when he passes on which is hopefully not soon, like I bought him a paperback off of Amazon entitled, “Eat To Live” about the benefits of vegetables and doesn’t recommend high protein diets!

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