I want to buy a 1967 Ferrari 250 GTO that one sold for about $37,000,000 or $38,000,000 at an auction, like I have Spider-Man #365 and Infinity Gauntlet #1,2,4 in great condition, but I haven’t sold them in an “online auction” I plan to sell them when my Mom will put them on eBay I don’t have any “piercings” or tattoos but Justine got a special piercing to remember me in my honor in an intimate place, I remember her telling me on the phone speaking quietly and calling me again a couple times until I said, “Justine you cheated on me and I have to quit drinking alcohol before we are together again, I want to marry you Justine Aragona” and me here now, I want to talk to my former Facebook friend: Elon Musk, my telephone friend, my “Best Friend” for a day in 2005, about how my Mom Deborah Marquis would occasionally use Musk perfume and my first bottle of cologne to wear spritzing it on before a Saint John’s DANCE class of 2000: Stetson cologne, I preferred Clinique “happy.” its citrus scent. I was happy to be with Joe Partlow when I lived at 288 Main St. in Oxford across the street from the bar Days End where I would walk to, and this is like what I was writing earlier talking about “Rev. Jim Chase” and I walking to Happy Garden I would drink at after work and then at the bar across the street that once my Dad sold his plastics company ECM Plastics, Inc. I still worked there doing Data-Entry so I type so fast and thank you for reading what I have to say on then I had started my www.alwayschillen.com and I registered www.jeffreymarquis.com after starting my www.wrxtbi.com after my TBI and car accident in 2004 after I voted for John Kerry in Leicester, MA and I was drunk when I voted and fell down in the mud in front of a police officer who let me drive away after a man helped me to my 2004 Subaru WRX you can see what happened on my www.wrxtbi.com, and I once owned www.wrxtbL.com because I don’t want to be “SET-UP” !!!

They just said “250” on Fox News and I emailed Daniel M. Besse with my money asking him if I have 250 Bitcoins! They just rose 1.11% like Shannon Nuttall was my friend oh here, on here, on Facebook I have a lot of my money in their company, like maybe Rev. Jim Chase thought I was offering too much when I told him I’d buy him a Tesla because he’s pro-life or at least, he was before he passed and I don’t think God is in Heaven- I think God is busy expanding His universe at the speed of light, and I don’t want Facebook to switch what I’m writing, like they changed what I wrote on Peter L Sargent’s profile about Moses- I have 2 Bibles in my apartment at “Averte” and a book I bought on Amazon entitled: “Poetry For Dummies” that I also had “The Psalms For Dummies” but I’m sure that God is “Illuminated” and glowing a bright hue of blue and white, with His white beard, old, not dying even when the stars run out of fuel, that I once lived in Charlton, MA near Kyle T. who would drink beer in his house I would sell Cub Scouts gifts but I didn’t knock on his door after once he didn’t answer his door that he wasn’t a friendly neighbor like J.W. is my previous neighbor who I would see in The Charlton Federated Church when I would go to Church believing in Jesus Christ with Rev. Jim Chase preaching, but he died recently of cancer and I’m sad that we won’t go out to lunch anymore in either Charlton or Oxford he picked me up at my real “Home” where my parents live and then in Oxford when we would go to a nearby restaurant he drove us down the street once that one other time we walked all the way down the street on a nice day in warm weather with food like Master Wok in the Auburn Mall where Justine my last girlfriend of 2010 to 2013 always liked the teriyaki from her favorite place to go: THE MALL!
I bought her so many Bubble Rings at Claire’s in the mall and she was so happy to eat Master Wok that I saw her get heavy on with a little plump-ness I told her Mom I didn’t like her with any extra weight and she started eating healthier with less “Master Wok” rice and meals, that always came with rice, and I once paid $20 for a plate full of just the teriyaki and they told Mall Security who rolled up on me with a Segway scooter and asked me who my parents were, so once they knew I had plenty of money in my Bank of America — a few years before I had a Bank in France, filled with “crypto-currencies” profits from when I used my wisdom after renting “Advanced Cryptography” from The Charlton Public Library in 2001/2002!

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