Dan Besse from CT graduate call me at your convenience and you have our whole Bitcoin, etc. market buying a new laptop that you keep in your home or bank, I want my trust fund again to use all of the back payments I haven’t used lately talk to my Dad! Call me if you want to know what stock I’ve already invested $80,000 that you added and the Stockmarket is up today, I invested in Tesla in 2013 or 2014 for what I think is $200 a share with the money of many powerful wealthy people got in on it, that originated with US the bass fishermen and Boy Scouts and SAINT JOHN’S HIGH SCHOOL

$8,000 to and I added $100 to to make it $88,100 or $108 or something millions when one of the specified things, I mean it Dan, we planned out our cutting caveats for this investment with all of my own money in my ATM at Bank of America, and if I’m doing anything wrong by writing as I don’t make threats

When I invested my money into Bitcoin, etc. in 2013 or 2014 I predicted the peak cost of Bitcoin Cash and Cardano that I told Dan was good and to use his judgment to sell them then or HODL that I had a painting/poster of HODL crypto-currencies I have a lot of cash in, that I told Dan to sell my Bitcoin Cash when it reached $596 like my cellphone and Cardano to sell at $2.03 like Dan’s CT area code, but I told him: If you think they’ll sell higher than those prices HODL! God Bless Dan M. Besse and Dan Pellegrini, both Dad’s that Dan saved the world when he had his kids after marrying Jessica- they both live in a house and drive nice cars with their offspring, and I’ve never used steroids, I just diet here and do decline sit-up’s on my decline bench but speaking of “bench” I put up 235 lbs. in 2005 at the WSU gym when I lived at a nice apartment and worked at my Dad’s company ECM Plastics, Inc. I did work on the website design and mixed sample bottles in the Color Lab before my TBI, that after I did mostly Data-Entry to improve my writing, that I typed so fast I became a great online author, using my prose and poetry MY WRITING to choose which “crypto-currencies” “Tokens” would be best to have invested in, like Stellar because in Dr. Brandi Scruggs, Ph.D. at WSU’s “Psychology I” she got me in on a phonecall on my phone with a PIN I had to enter to get into the chat and I talked for about an hour, sporadically, about my Traumatic Brain Injury, previous mushroom use, I mostly wanted to talk about my 1 LSD trip in 2003, never getting high on opiates or any explicit drugs, no steroids, but I used IGF-1 LR3 that causess hypertrophy and hyperplasia I RECOVERED BECAUSE IT CROSSES THE BLOOD-BRAIN BARRIER IN 2005!

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