Did I buy Bitcoins when they were $18 each in 2013 or 2014 with Dan Besse my “Cuz” and I have a sealed box of Trojan MAGNUMS I haven’t had sex PornHub Swiss Navy lubricant

Come hither absolutely NOW, demands the County Monarch of Marquis March 20th in the days of old, crawling like a slither with all of the stitches in my left hip in the singing of my soul which is never sinning and instead always winning at this life “in a million ways” to make your eyes strain while straight with the Maker’s Mark whiskey at the white whip whipping off the cusp of freedom and redeemed cooky flavored water lemon and lime as I’m left with exactly $20 in my bank of ‘Merica with fitted merchandise coming straight at you and my boo with many boo-hoo’s coming from my Justine Aragona when her hip hurt her, because she couldn’t walk too far, couldn’t use the treadmill or elliptical, maybe slipping on the matte surface then taking a tumble, but her being a non-drinker hook like and sinker in the stinker with a slippery “bass fish” she called it, only because I told her to, the proud angler on Baker Pond at my home with Mom and Dad, never calling it quits with their tight-relationship of supreme Marriage in a Spencer, MA holy church,  for the fornication and immaculate creation of Brother Justin and I, my Justine Aragona grabbed his butt as I prodded her to, all proud, she shook his hand, wishing for a wonderful way of having us both in my bed, to take us higher with maybe DP deep penetration by us both, her butt, but with no segregation and maybe a suggestion: REUNITE ME WITH THE ROTELLA SISTERS! Known and loved by simply me the man at the keys, playing tunes to your eyesight while sitting ‘atta’ screen, thinking of ‘Allah” with gentle satisfaction of Tantric doings and loving every millisecond “million billion trillion” the time of the Bitcoin craze started pre-IPO for me, don’t you see ??? My love for my own writing and prose and poetry, along with my TBI, keep pegging at those keys-  causing me such a high with Christ the Almighty maybe needing “Abilify” that I don’t take and never needed but maybe a few times feeling such lows during the 5 times I’ve been enslaved without headphones and all alone, surrounded by the crazies, feeling buzzes from the too-many Medz prescribed by the Unsatisfactory Doctors, Sheldon you B-enjamin I told you many years ago about “Marching With Red-Bottoms On” that everyone hated how I called him on the phone, too, shortly before I was locked up with the Cooky “Cutters” leaving scars on their wrists, while I would make Fists, stay away from me, don’t look back, for you will SEE with both eyes wide open that I’m too good to go back to the backyard barbecue here at “Averte” when I didn’t attend the “Pool Party” today as I sleep in slender spending Slumber, slumming with crack-pipes like Peter here was a Coke Head and messed up to this very day the 23rd of September.

And don’t tempt my temper!

September 23rd calls for my Miley @

I predicted the peak cost of Bitcoin Cash and Cardano that I told Dan was good and to use his judgment to sell them then or HODL that I had a painting/poster of HODL crypto-currencies I have a lot of cash in, that I told Dan to sell my Bitcoin Cash when it reached $596 like my cellphone and Cardano to sell at $2.03 like Dan’s CT area code, but I told him: If you think they’ll sell higher than those prices HODL! God Bless Dan M. Besse and Dan Pellegrini, both Dad’s that Dan saved the world when he had his kids after marrying Jessica- they both live in a house and drive nice cars with their offspring, and I’ve never used steroids, I just diet here and do decline sit-up’s on my decline bench but speaking of “bench” I put up 235 lbs. in 2005 at the WSU gym when I lived at a nice apartment and worked at my Dad’s company ECM Plastics, Inc. I did work on the website design and mixed sample bottles in the Color Lab before my TBI, that after I did mostly Data-Entry to improve my writing, that I typed so fast I became a great online author, using my prose and poetry MY WRITING to choose which “crypto-currencies” “Tokens” would be best to have invested in, like Stellar because in Dr. Brandi Scruggs, Ph.D. at WSU’s “Psychology I” she got me in on a phonecall on my phone with a PIN I had to enter to get into the chat and I talked for about an hour, sporadically, about my Traumatic Brain Injury, previous mushroom use, I mostly wanted to talk about my 1 LSD trip in 2003, never getting high on opiates or any explicit drugs, no steroids, but I used IGF-1 LR3 that causess hypertrophy and hyperplasia I RECOVERED BECAUSE IT CROSSES THE BLOOD-BRAIN BARRIER IN 2005!

Justine Aragona? I quit drinking in 2016 after we broke up in 2013, sorry and I really, really hope that you haven’t gained a lot of weight!

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