I advised a Bitcoin employee who answered phones at the company to invest in Crypto-Currency Bitcoin, she had an option to buy some because she worked there or still works there and she said, “Thanks you just made me $500!” so years later, you, you Daniel Michael Besse of CT my “Cuz” cousin who went to Saint John’s private Catholic school that taught us about God and Jesus Christ, who are maybe not the same as far as powers of the Universe, God’s “Universe”, God’s YOU ni verse, God’s “Universe” He is God Himself The Father at the edge of space I’ve been very preachy about God Himself The Father who expands His universe at the speed of light, which Allah is much faster going what I call “a million billion trillion lightyears per millisecond” while generating nothing, like being simply supreme velocity and God expands His universe at the speed of light but the stars were already there and they burn out eventually, where He and his face like King Triton in The Little Mermaid with a white beard and I reached beyond Him when I clutched Justine Aragona tight, with her clutching me until sunrise!

But I only have a little over $200 in my Bank of America and I wrote this for Creative Writing that was the first class and I wrote: in 2005 when I went to Woo State with Mannie who was my huge crush and she was a Sophomore with a sister Danita R. who I was nice to, and Mannie was the Flyer on the cheerleading team she was so petite and peppy I saw a video or her with her UT friend cheerleader, the two coaches of UT where I stayed at The Eden Roc when I drank before 2016 and I had enough money when I had a job at my Dad’s Plastics and Polymers Custom Extrusion of product for Gillette, Oral-B, and HAARTZ before he sold the business where I did data-entry in the President’s office, my Dad’s office, after my injuries in 2004 when I had known how to type quickly, and I became a published Author of an Article about Le Mirage I lived near and I would eat there every day before and after working with my Dad Wayne Marquis who I love him and my Mom and my Aunt Donna who will support my crypto-currencies investment in 2013 or 2014 that I think my Cousin Daniel Michael Besse had to sell them before they went Public, so I’m not sure how much money I have with him and my Dad!! =D

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