I quit drinking in 2016!

Chicken Pat-tie sang-which datta SAMMICH!

They stole my SAMMICH!

Mitch, Mitch from the hospital, so long ago and years back, but getting back on track because I have A PHAT STACK of steak ’n’ cheese chunks in a soup of droopy loops, like a wet noodle was waddling to the store near the Cash-E-no being The Casino, owned by the injured injuns in some bloody battle of barbarians who went to the doctor and bar seeking relief from their broken bones, with stones, they threw stones at Jesus, and I’m not stoned, and not getting boned by the beautiful Breasteses swimsuit thongs on Baywatch, as the clock ticks and my heart PEAKS! TAKING A PEEP! AT ME TAKING A PEEK!@#$

And the clock ticks, space and time, “space and time” and God!

Jesus was a Prophet, and one of the many Sons of God who were born of only a mother, and that there have been many instances of this in “science” usually in The Middle-East overseas and they “needz” to get their heads checked, hopefully not traveling into my dear country, where I hope Biden is getting a lot of help from the younger crowd, and sing it loud, for here I go, oh yeah baby whoa where’d you go ???

I really like this song, Jessica Tocci and Carina Ricciardi would sing it loud for my pleased eardrums, and the word is my Mom’s and my Dad’s, the world will see that I stay here at “Averte” in Bradford, Vermont, 3 hours away from my parents who are my “Health Proxy” inspecting my Amazon and Nootropics Depot orders, where my mind has been ‘a’ hunny bunny with me thinking this TRUTH: I DON’T PLAN ON RAISING ANY KIDS! I HAVE A TBI! I have broken bones, a disability and a handicapped, that I’m tha-ank-ful for our U.S. government because I’ve always paid perfect taxes through Bill Mahoney, my Dad’s previous employee I want him to talk to me about my investments in the Stock Market in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Stellar, XRP, Dogecoin, Etherium, Ether, etc. etc. with my $120 or $140 in 2013 or 2014, for more we shall see what’s in the hut at the barber’s you get your hair cut, but what we do with my having been all over the net, God I have met, hours and hours, all night long, playing just one song “Deftones – Sex Tape”

Then switching to The Lord’s Prayer I had over 13,000+ plays of the free .mp3 on loveallpeople.org


For in the time of yore we have a bizarre couple of beige neighbors next-door,

A couple of a Holy Marriage where the Christian Minister or Priest approves of the two uniting, all-night-ing long night, G’NITE!

This heterosexual male-and-female couple own a hot tub with a grill that they cool, that they have a barbecue for weenies-on-the-grill in summer months, with a Guinness beer- I’ve had 1 last year on Christmas having gone to a Christian Service night before, as…



ps- in Hell but then the bell rings and students fill the halls, wall to wall, well, a wishing well, like in the season of Easter, when all is well, Saved By The Bell!

Have an awful day if you’re spying on me! and I don’t know who visits my websites, but I think Saint John’s just got a riff like a ‘whiff” WITH TIPH! I want to hold hands and go for a long walk to lean up our legs, that thankfully because of a shoe-lift I don’t lean like italics have a slight “lean” to the left or right anymore with my shoes on, due to a shoe-lift of Sanctuary she sells by the see shore at this hour where candy is sour and I like to pick a sweet smelling buttercup you rub on your nose, everyone does that, and if you paid me to, $120 or $140 in Bitcoin, Etherium, etc. I have become a very rich man, who, unfortunately that person is YOU!

Bearing the badness of snacking with fatty foods like bread, have a protein shake instead of the bread, so bring the bacon- Low Carb and greasy the fats drip into an oil are in The Making of The Mask with some Kraft Mac ’n’ cheese oh please, don’t eat that it’s high in carbs, like the bun in an Arby’s, don’t eat the bread, the protein and fats will keep you full, and if you’re too lenient on your Diets, it’s gonna be impossible to take off the weight, so even joining a gym won’t reduce body-fat like a really strict diet will keep you lean, and trust me, by the ladies of America, I WANT TO BE SEEN!

Put this long fable on the table taped with Tantric tatters of tater tots and think of the city’s many lofts with Real Estate

Here’s your plate. The plate in my left hip. The real estate and the plate, fallen on the floor breaking into many, many, many pieces and maybe more in store!

Clouds galore, small and puffy in the morning, and when you’re driving to your Dad’s own company, be sure to find anticipation in the PERSPIRATION!

Little Fluffy Clouds on YouTube!

I’m alive, I’m alive, I’m alive, with severe double-double vision . . . and I’m straight with no thoughts of anal sex or oral sex with a man!

Kiss The Body of Christ, I remember with my tongue I would press the Church “wafer” and I’d sign a Waiver with Wives and a Weight-Lifting cashier at Wayfair nearby, and stay here stay near I want good things to happen and I’m not involving anyone else, but maybe I feel Jesus Christ coming through to me — with pretty crooked double-vision — I talked to a Minister in Niagara Falls American not Canadian and and and… she has been so much of an Inspiration to me, To Be Inspired TBI WRX WRXTBI.com http://www.wrxtbi.com http://www.jeffreymarquis.com http://www.alwayschillen.com

http://alwayschillen.blogspot.com and groove on growing your own Homegrown Marijuana in Maria’s grow room at home and within the lines of little itty-bitty pieces of the 100%-piece puzzle on a great movie that will give you anxiety if you see it on a big Television with audio wavelengths of Bass from separate speakers at the Commencement Speech of coaching those who don’t have a great way of talking to others, being ugly or whatever- OMG I am so hot with a PRIMO BODY BIG . . . I have good size in my chest and all over and that’s what is important to me!




In addition to “absolutely not a single nitty-gritty bit is left in your inheritance”, no Dad, please, I would call you “Daddy” but it’s kinda girly and not for me, don’t you see ??? YOU READ ME !!!!! Thanks. Hank takes a break. I just had a breakthrough through the breaking alright to eat your undie’s boxers as the deadline approaches for the officer to make me walk the line, like I’ve never had to do that, after my wrxtbi.com catastrophy TROPHY’S TROPHIES! I WANT MY INHERITANCE!

So go back from whence thee came, or summed, in a cummerbund all tacky talking wacky waking up late in the day, to the mentally inept souls here, spaccy speech and they lock up the bleach and Dish-soap, none of that here. They make sure it’s not near here or anywhere patients are allowed, and being on anti-anxiety’s plentifully pervasive in a perfect w/ Protection to meet the Gyno’s Inspection, with no men getting E WRX I SHUN PORNOGRAPHY OF OTHER RACES, I try not to look at the man’s faces — they never show POV faces…

Your kiss I miss, Justine and Justine who kissed my left hand and did me with her right, so tight, the rope — excuse me let me say that it’s not cool to be raped, or share a room with a dark-skinned overweight crazy bi-sexual deviant in a mental hospital I adore the Exit door in the rear-end saltbox women only!

The fat people with no disabilities or handicaps need to shape up, excusing the disabled and those with handicaps, toting GACK! Slime! Elijah was nice, I would talk to him a lot when he worked here, not sure where he is now at this Magic Hour when the original “Smarties” at the halloween parties in October before November, there’s a girl here named “Ember” and I don’t smoke cigarettes or cigars I’m considering maybe they get me Nicotine that is a brain stimulator with mad stimulation coming true with Ember being a stranger, not at all strange, though, she’s skinny with muscle and the hustle-’n’-bustle around the staff at “Averte” and don’t be mad at me for liking Islam, it’s just that I controlled Allah guiding him or “it” like a wasp in my head but not stinging me, not even trying to, attempting to ingrained in your brain with the Migrane take My-Dol for a one Dollar bill of our great group here in America, I’m easily seeing “Heaven/Hell” right now and no longer in an “Intermediary State” before “A Great Awakening” and I’m getting bigger and thinner from this legal powder that’s been around since the 1990’s called Alpha-GPC with Choline, a book written by my favorite author

And Mohammed, The Messenger too, Allah

With Tantric sex when I was abused shortly after I graduated from Saint John’s High School with Mr. John Deedy getting me high on pure speed and having penetration with my friend who will remain nameless and I’d rather not name him because he was raped that night and many nights after, for him only, I was abused once with my testicles being grabbed so I’d feel pain and I don’t like him!

That Tantric Delight, it happened once, all night til the sun rose, and I would buy her roses over our 2.5 year lovers-of-pleasure and kisses and oral-sex with much love making love ❤️ 

Feeling keen on staying lean, I now take Alpha-GPC that’s really helping my writing, I feel it coursing along the Corpus Collosum of the Pineal gland, that and staying lean…

What industry does the United States control? THE NEWS!

I trust CNN, letting it play all day, usually with an fun stay, at the White House THE GOVERNMENT PROBABLY HAS A TEAM OF USA-media experts editing footage and trying not to create the panic pin, a bloody syringe from the dope for me, NOPE!

I hope my ticker tick-tocks as much as I write, and talk, to the workers here who are near, giving me my pills I take all of my pills and get a shot of a med known as, “Haloperidol” for those who are lazy — and to anyone reading this heap of a stack of pancakes to eat on the sofa, so far, not at a bar, I don’t drink alcohol, or drive a UHaul, if you do “gear” or speed, there’s no need to give me any of that! I have CBD!

Maybe Jesus is the answer, my Minister swore he had cancer

Doctor! Doctor! Speedy Deedy I have never, ever called him except for a bunch of months after my Traumatic Brain Injury that maybe had his way with my friend, for him it was The End of Alex Kozlov from Blockbuster I saw him there once, and I went back once and saw him again but didn’t interact with him in the store, who, he talked to my Minister, who I who did I eye at the med counter window sliding glass window with the Dow buoyant but I don’t understand anything with “default” Deedy Done I want my SJ teacher to pay me out of his pocket, but there are 2 Mr. Deedy’s in Worcester right now! Chocolate milk from, how how brown cow?

They’re both brown and murky, Thanksgiving my Marquis-family is visiting me and we will go to an open restaurant and with this Alpha-GPC stimming with my grinning slimming slimy grimy rag that time. Don’t “do” anything but give open-container blowjobs with thoughts of swimming in the hot tub, doing laps in the hot tub, with a Time Machine zingo this is my lingo from the let-go and bow, you are a cow, in a psychedelic psych ward, Blessings looking after Blessed bracelets of let’s all gain access to Jeff’s French Bank that I guess my Dad cancelled or else their keeping their eyes shut closed really hard and your nose scrunches up, you feel the Twists in your Scrunchies… while I’m thinking beeping out the swears of the Closet Bears in croc’s at the county docks, in Lake Winnipesake in New Hampshire where I drive for an hour to see my high-up professional and rich, he’s been a hand and check on my excellent cognition with the cog in the wheel with a Dart-board with my own “Poetic Voice” The Poetic Voice it had it up on my dot-com that’s now http://www.alwayschillen.com and ready for something waiting with my insides being taken beyond to God and I reached beyond His real “Illusion” like a hologram! THIS IS NOT A SCAM! I HAD A RELIGIOUS EXPERIENCE AND COMMON OF FELLOW MEMBERS OF SAINT JOHN’S CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL!

If Marilyn Monroe was alive today what would she be doing?

She’d be clawing at the lid of her coffin…

Getting to the wishing well, I’m wishing all of you my readers very well and I hope China doesn’t attack Taiwan, “like tears in rain”

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