I went to Saint John’s High School and sat at one of the “cool tables”

Fiddle fickle FINE flipping dipping prickle fickle pickle twinkle twinkle Think on the Bring Home The Bacon, frying pan of the land, be chance of the day for it is “2 day”, 2 days in 1 day, oh I could only dream about the anorexia that Charlie Sheen would show, on The Today Show on NBC, but not be cause I don’t dare care, which I really do, care, with all of my hair on my head, but this instead : how about if I only donate money to a church in Niagara Falls, now that I donated money to the funding of my deceased by suicide, so sad, that Cousin lad, he laid 2 ladies and they had his daughters he could rarely see, for Fentanyl was his Destiny, with all of the opiate garbage nonsense, getting a baggie with a rig but not a “Big Rig”, no, that wasn’t his favorite show, The Fix his favorite, not knowing the mothers of his daughters anymore, and he was Automotive not working at a Mall Store, with ages of his kids being a mystery, because don’t you see? I WANT TO BE FREE OF PARENTRY! I’ve got a brother, and he’s from another mother, Dana, into cannabus, so what’s the fuss? I have an expired “Legal”-MMJ card, I don’t smoke cannabinoids ever because I take the buds in my mouth, chew some, chew some more, and take a drink of Extra V. Olive Oil, because I have no desire for virgins ever! MYLF on websites with girly Delights, shining bright… all of the on-screen stage Lights!

Oh what I do most nights,

And I’m not getting in a single fight!

Here at “Averte” where I portray a clean image on your screen:

That’s my Dad he’s so Rad, he’s not bad at all when he’s fishing for Bass Fish with a drop jaw kiss!

Occasionally he eats the fine protein of the bass,

That sweet, sweet meat — of the fish, on a dish, that he will put in the sink, that my Mom drinks but only 1 small glass of wine, she does fine, my Mom isn’t mine, she’s all my Dad’s, and I have many speeding fines, 84 in a 65, I feel the rush of being alive, for I strive and seek The Bee-Hive its honeysuckle and I wear a belt-buckle your safety nets safely, this cracker white boy is “Wavy” said sad little Davey Perron, he had kids, and on his bottles of OxyContin he had lids… I donated money to my Mom so I could help his daughters when they grow up — put and deposit that in a Mutual Fund, just for fun, and surely profit, as inflation drives up prices, in pieces of a ripped-up hundred dollar Bill, are you reading this magic? THIS IS ALL AN “ACT” to screw with a man with the name “Allan” and I don’t think I know an “Allan” BUT I KNOW “ALLAH” VERY WELL BECAUSE HE FOLLOWS MY EVERY INSTRUCTION, AIDING MY ERECTION, WHEN I SAID: “JUSTINE, TAKE ME TO GOD!

Wouldn’t you know it He’s at the edge of space, for me, oh please, my soul feels at ease, when I feel the drift of a FADING FAINT FEELING with a Zing! and a Zap! This nonsensical pile of shitty writing is nothing but stinky crap, with a girl who tests negative of “The Clap” that goes around and cum’s around, without making a sound, so feel the feel with more than plenty of Zeal fresh bodysoap to have in the next hour, in the shower, with a stringy stream of water beads making a team! “GO TEAM JEFF!”

Crush and Ream, without the obscene!

Doctor! Doctor! Please repair my SPLEEN!

“Jeffrey I’m overwhelmed by your rights and rhyming words… for they are OBSCENE!

At the scene of the sight of the fight, just two LIGHTweights teasing baits, full of hate, as the match begins…


Strength is a virtue…

and here’s a large tissue,

For that serious injury issue!

SRSLY I don’t want to be me, I want to be like Mr. Vesuvius in God’s universe, lasting on, with the never-ending song, by Journey this song “Don’t Stop Believin’” they played to my two sexy younger girlfriends in 8 East, and they were bare of their bodies and vaginal yeast, Carina, she was a beasted bestie with breasties, and breasts-ease so you, you kick back, take this as a treat, a snack, you’re got the “knack” of the McDonald’s Big Mac! My country, ATTACK!

NINE MONTHS since ours Capitol’s “The Insurrection”

I don’t want to see any girls become pregnant!

For note, for wait, was the timber all limber?

With a hunny-suckle from the female Gardener

Planting Pot-Fields of nefarious bud, MMJ you buy

I am no long that guy! THC is unseen!

WordPress http://www.jeffreymarquis.com here I come for some and for all, as a little girl throws down a doll, and picking up a Barbie

BBQ and Big Black Wife — tonight’s the night!

As day is day,

so what do you say?

The next textual hexed you all, taking a Free Fall – IN’ by Tom Petty, and the Miata on Betty!

Bakers pond drift

as the sand on the beach my Mom will sift,

with tiny specks I do push-up’s for my big Pecs

Been through a lot, so pull out (vagina) of this corrupt “Plot” against me or with me, I have decided to take you not, to the tanning salon, where playing in the room’s atmosphere is a new-age song, c’mere c’mere, that is: come along, to the ping-pong match with the ball is swerved, a car just surged, and sugar in the tank, a psycho fiancé is all to thank, for who could’a thunk, AM I A HUNK? My Unit Large as I have a bigger stringbean than the local Police Sarge

Was that fact? I am not sure, but I implore you all to gaze upon my size, the IGF-1 LR3 injection, my cock size it is a big surprise!

Sex at The Sole Proprietor?

Laurie Gee., please be with me!

Spatter the batter with your words, the window won’t shatter… Yes -bullet proof- webbed glass like your windshield winding down after a cruise around the whole town, ever gone exploring the roads unknown? When I had my Explorer I was quote-unquote “In the Zone”!

Steve Baum,

you are my “soccer mom”

driving me in the Transit Van

Our time together is a great “span”

Getting Averte’s petty cash,

I was Blessed by Priests in “Religion class”

Saint John’s High School, oh were the days,

Years later in 2018 I had “Purple Haze” oh those were the days!

Selank. Semax. Ventolin Inhaler of Inhaled mist, your mouthpiece I would kiss — with inhalations of Albuterol, ut oh, “Better Call Saul” a la Breaking Bad on TNT… Crystal is not for me, doing gay things without a care, my unit, I was bare, and with a near-40 year old, a “Bear” in the gay-sex community — oh it ruined me! And being teased caused me so much dis Ease driving my car, not maybe too far, I went too fast — the speed didn’t last, but that night with my teacher is in my past, I went SO FAST! And fasting on Ramadan the day seems so long, not eating, my “meat” I am “beating” !!!!! Or not for a bit — right now it wouldn’t feel Fit — My unit Justine Bit!

I went to the doctor to show him the bruise — in the the waiting room I was nervous and not enthused — but I felt so good, so happy, with much “enthusiasm” so SHOW YOURS! — when Justine slept over and everything was fine, and about her small period in my bottom sheets, I thought it was alright, it happened late at night — that vaginal bloody smegma — BROUGHT A SMILE TO MY FACE!  and did I Touch it???  no because it was not my place, but her being fertile, I didn’t pass the hurdle, I don’t want a child to raise being a bad father I did Tantric sex as I WANTED TO TAKE OUR LOVE FURTHER!

Knowing Allah but not really understanding it, I don’t fully experience Islam yet, but 3/5 through The Qur’an, I bet, so give me a hand!

This noble reading (The Qur’an) I pass through space and time to make a local phone call it used to cost A U.S. Dime! Do I make cents in a sensual manner? This is all nonsensical banter with the band playing strings as the Opera woman sings!

Flagrant Foul as the dog lets out a Howl, and How I do that? How do I do that?  I just put on my magical hat!

Because I’m not fat!

Not a fatso and the footrace I run, I go, not slow like the fatso, faggot, I am not, so skinny and straight there’s not much about myself that I hate!  I can’t think of a thing other than I don’t like to sing, or a song, with my teeth I take off a girl’s pink thong!

Come on!

God given :^D

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