Tipple Trinket Tantric Terrific Tangle of Toes in the Bose WAVE HI ALLAH!

Whether whither, with whitening toothpaste tantalizing teeth in a tantrum of Tantric lick lick lick-  this is making me feel sick, with a large member, in December, I want to be friends with her here ::: Ember

Skinny smooth always with a pleasant mood, so sweet, to swoon, I’m eating ice cream with a spoon and gazing upon The Moon

Trips to space, taking place, as per the SpaceX capsules, and my pills, what I order on Amazon-  I pay the bills

Scenery obscene, have you seen? THE EARTH FROM AFAR  and like how lately I haven’t been to a single bar, in two or three years, as I cheer without any beer, I called my Dad Papa Bear, the non-drinker like me, and Mom, we’ll see…

Pithy sperm when I’m so worn a la TBI and corrupt settings at “Averte” the fucking hospital/home they give me all of my pills, and I hope the jerks here catch Coronavirus and become ILL


Allyson and T. have babies!  Are the kids mine?  Did they have abortions?

SMART, by chance, The Matrix, all that is Holy, and Molly the drug, I want something more than the Xanax to make me kick and scream, “Don’t let anyone do anything to me!”

I hate my enemies, while loving Justine Aragona my one true love thus far in my life at 39 years old and Justine’s in her 30’s now

Be my love to inherit a crown with Prince Bullery all blurry of a burglary at a nearby location, apropos tangible Melanin with benefits of a sexual nature, I’m a creature and here’s my Feature: CRYPTO-CURRENCY BILLIONAIRE, through therapies I’ve been repaired but not fully Bullery static was sweeping the nation of Bernie’s chimney with Chipmunks at Chippendale’s I bought her jewelry at KAY’S not Zales with monumental monuments giving SALES! SALES! SALES! Independent sweatshirt hoodie on DAD tipping scales at a proper number of days I’ll be in prison drinking poison to ease the pay of being held back by all, except my negroe Justine Aragona, who I would take to the Mall, that she was short- not tall, on a Fall day call MAYDAY or say maybe I’ll always be afar, from home, I’m in the Zone and hopefully never going to prison because I “have the thoughts ta see ya!”

Are my Mom and Dad bringing the police tomorrow (today, now) I wonder and I want some of dat he’s schmokin Dana and Tim before Saint John’s High School, I was a tool and I’ll show you my hammer that I just wanna “nail some girls” in the world where I continue to exhibit my biceps with a Polo shirt now I threw up a protein shake on, it’s a go and my enemies call for a no-show you my huge calves, seen them? See Ya!

Bequilted the Grace of a bank-bang gangbang! IT’S MOTHERFUCKING LAURIE!!!!!

I never had sex with her but once I grabbed her ass and she simply said to me in a POLICE polite tone that made me groan, “I’m too worn for you” and here’s a warning to all the motherfuckers out there spying on me:  My Facebook account is up and running working those thighs as my thighs are very small, t swear they haven’t been exercised for years in rears at the local neighborhood Yard Sale, and Rip stay in the yard on your line and retrieve (GOLD) golden retriever on the receiver returned in the Mall from the Bank store, and who’sey banging’ on my bank of the door to reinstore my account of the insane vision-therapist for my TBI double- vision, double-vision,. Vision. Vision. (OH THE VISIONS OF “GODS’es GIFT A PARYGIRL KILL AT THE GUNRANGE WITH A Range Rover PARKED OUT FRONT, AND CHUBBY GIRLS HAVE “A BUNT” AT BAT THE CATCHER ON A CATHETER IN A CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL BASEBALL SWING BATTA-BATTA AS THE CAKE POTION SPLATTERS ALL OVER THIS POST I HOST THE MOST, of temperature reading… a hart rate- that Pretty Bret Hart in the WWF foundation at Saint John’s is where I ran XC, Emily C. Bought me a fantasy feast at The Sole in Worcester, MA, where E.C. ran a race on Ecstasy… so enjoy your stay while I pray The Lord’s Prayer that rises ALL RISE! In the air where I deeply care, my wounds, caused by my relatives of the G-family with excessive (force) Tubes to Tribute to the deaf mute on a TV button as per the Master Controller with MerchantCash the type of a stomach tube making my belly protrude, for the faint Brett Farve of a Fancy Fantasy Feast at Fentanyl addict’s warehouse with a trap catching a mouse, in the house, downtown the street from me and writing long sentences is my realistic fantasy! ALLAH BLEW UP THE SOLAR SYSTEM ONCE I WAS BEYOND IT, or maybe it was my US Government testing anabolic testosterone in A.K.’s “zone” where he would do squats on The Throne the toilet merely as I wonder about an incoming mail-order bride of little pride and no success, but he’ll buy her a bright white dress, thin as a pin, demonstrating a never-happening infection on her skin, coming from within, with her doing it so easily I say oh pleasey, the concubine are committing Heresy,  As per the sense of my ten cents all accorded across from the unused unusual for that time of the month to never happen ago, as my money will contribute to my Justine’s Aragona Dad who is rich and doesn’t need the money, I don’t think, but he was a HELPING HAND in my now-Abstinence of American Senators all showing up for work with a hangover see-saw jumble of jumping on a mattress and Matt rests, in NYC where all the crooks be performing tainted revelations into their Velvet Revolver music group full of shit to be hit by a drunken bar inhabitant incubated in an egg-shell embryo of “Ember” here I want to sleep with her as she’s a woman and not a MOTHER TO GOD! ::: this just in, this is just in my brother from a beautiful, crisp mother who can shed all of her tears with the lawnmower in the shed of my bed in the backyard or gee I took it too far, from afar, in a distant fairy-land of Fairlawn Rehabilitation Hospital by choice and luck — as per the fucks… who almost TRULY KILLED ME IN 2004 the past years of previous time impervious to the POV I see, bringing me Tranquility out of the trauma in my wallet with the arrested be the fucking bitch, Rick James, and a out-of-business Pop Warner Football to get footloose in a hot-jazz booth at the local strip-show refinery it is not okay to arrest me, I’m Jeffrey and I do this for fun in the buns of a beautiful bride who goes to the gym and only using the Cardio equipment in a B.U.M. hoodie at the gym and forgoing the stale ale and Gin of juicy bootie shorts for the girls I’ve never yet laced their Ecstasy with ashes from a Chimney belching exhaust exhausted from the tailpipes with shiny Tips for Tiph Desrosiers who has that tattoo I disapprove of, as Nate can’t be late on his man-straight man-star database taking place in where else but space — I decline to comment what I went through while those many hours with Justine’s anal flowers, it lasted about 7 hours because I HAVE POWERS! Watch what I did with “crypto” to make me a Bull to chew on asses with my double-vision glasses, this is the craft, my craft, that’s what I learned from many English classes at WSU, during which time. I swooned Manny she endured a stroke in a storm of Geographical regions Stellar (I invested in) in size and length (are you still reading?) I’m pleading INNOCENT! =D

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