I really do love my: MARQUIS FAMILY!

So sweet our love for each other the Marquis greatness shining bright like a luminary Southern Sun of eating buttery baked buns on the beach in a tropical climate: Topic, Global Warming – that Dad says isn’t a big deal, my dear Daddy, remaining resolute that the water level is many years off from reaching its peak, birds swimming in the water looking for a big dish of fish, and then flying in thehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xN0FFK8JSYE sky, so high, that the CBD doesn’t “lift” me, which is similar to how I don’t have any weights of iron here to pump up my biceps, being unequal from when I wanted a bigger right arm made possible by protein-peptides like IGF-1 LR3 sold online in many online carts, and my Cookies kitty will occasionally let out a faint fart, eating snookie treats that’s all she eats, that I want a female cat, hence “Cookies” but not “Nookie” for that is for my only crush here at “Averte” — it’s Ember I want to marry Justine Aragona for my birthday in March, but if she’s gone I want to marry Ember in December on Christmas the 25th of the month, and how many years and months have I been here in Vermont, but that my real “HOME” with my “Health Proxy” Mom and Dad, is located at the distant topography of near and far “Massholes” on the Pike and 128 and 495, I took 495 often when I would jive in my sporty AWD Turbo Japanese vehicle, I miss so much, now planning on importing my riches from my Bank in France, paying the required taxes to have Domestic access to my riches!

All because I was so injured and damaged and sad when I would cry at my computer being hacked by my enemies, and I Googled: “cry” and that’s how I learned so much about “crypto-currencies” that weren’t in circulation yet, but in 2013 or 2014 many of the small stocks listed here ((( https://www.cnbc.com/cryptocurrency ))) were worth less than a penny!

I could have owned coindesk.com, but I believe I’ve only invested some money in order to profit!

I thank Dan Besse my unofficial stockbroker cousin, but he showed me so much intense pain when he turned off all the lights, had a somewhat hidden lightswitch in his guest room where I slept until I felt such a strong painful sensation in my bladder and I had to get to the bathroom really quick!

Dan locked the door and there were tons of boxes and bags down the hallway so I couldn’t get to Dan’s other door to the bathroom!

It’s the worst pain I ever remember or recall, worse than when I pissed my Dockers in Health I with Mrs. Waskevich at WSU when I had to do a presentation and no matter what she wouldn’t let me use the bathroom!

I remember all those joyous girls smiling so wide, grinning while grilling me with their beautiful eyes WIDE OPEN

They were so Heavenly “enthused” but they didn’t laugh even a bit — no they were in disbelief

Mrs. Waskevich should have let me use the Men’s Room!

I called Dad. I said I pissed my pants in front of the whole class. He said he’d either drive me home or had a pair of pants my size at his huge plastics and polymers business that has made him worth many millions of dollars!

I’m most proud of my Dad for being a Bassmaster — that I Googled: Wayne Marquis earlier and he’s on a Bassmaster website — actually it was something I posted on Facebook many, many years ago, like I signed up for Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook in 2006 with my worcester.edu email through the University I received some good grades at, so I saw the decade old link to Dad on Bassmaster and it reported his earnings through his professional bass fishing, he now has a $40,000 Ranger Bass Boat!

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