Pitch a tent and be my friend on a ferry in a Ferrari little miss thing, listen to me, you will be my amplitude of a multitude of purposes for deserted corpses buried in a field where I wield a Duracell battery of a D-cell like Justine’s Mom’s D implants I would look at the seat of her pants to put me in a trance, more desirable than my own Justine who was never mean, if you know what I mean, as this waiting in a purple haze from my legitimate MMJ card, but expired, the THC and psychedelic effects I didn’t exactly desire, and I WON’T START A FIRE! for “Heaven known!”

I’ve known all this from the get-go with my two Gods in the finest heights of sanctity and I like Lisa Sergel’s kitties, being implanted from the saline making sure she massages her “clients” but not too hard, a Rod and real I choose not to steal while I sleep in a deep trance wearing underwear and not sleeping naked, happening only very rarely, the forecast is fairly bright with a blinding light coming through the Oakley Shades of yesterdays to shade the sun and have some fun, fucking over these Apple jerks, that Eve bit, similar to Justine Aragona 2010-2013 when I mentioned Tiph!

I called her Tiph on accident mid-sex and her sharp front choppers drove me bonkers — I went to the doctor’s office just in case there was accelerated damage of her being twenty years-old with my bunch of age-old comic books to be sold, now that I pay for so many taxes to the old and the creeps on welfare, about them: I DON’T CARE ABOUT POOR FUCKS WITH DRUG HABITS, except for Cousin David Perron, dead now, missed by his family the most, that he took me out one day and the first thing I said when I got in the door my Mom was there I said: “DAVE’S GONNA KILL HIMSELF! QUICK CALL AUNT DIANE!” but my Mom said no way and he’s from too good of a family, that I didn’t see just that, with his two babies he inseminated random girls not being able to pay child support, so to reviving and receiving welfare and welding at Walmarts he had to resort, making a little scratch his itch OF A HEROIN AND OXYCONTIN ITCH, THAT DEAD BITCH, HIS KIDS IN SHAME, MY MOM BELIEVED MY PREDICTION OF HIS PURPOSEFUL SUICIDE WAS “LAME”!

Unlike David Perron who killed himself from Asphyxiation or an overdose or something, I should have hit him when he drove me around on opiates, and I told him I knew he was high, like I’ve seen his sister’s eyes so small I think she hangs around with his opiate friends and now uses them to ease the pain of David’s committing suicide, but I’M NOT SUICIDAL IN THE LEAST! being happy here with my smiling and spitting pretty prose on this hacked computer of my enemies’ causing and my enemies are burning in Hell, and if they aren’t, I’D PUNISH THEM INTO THE DEVIL’S DOMAIN hp.com

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