I care about my Dad, my Mom, and my Aunt Donna Donohue the most!

There’s no one three but you three and I wish to stay free! Dad, Mom, Aunt Donna, will you kiss me?  After reaching beyond God’s “Illusion” so I am free without a car, so I’m here and near to here, 3 hours away from you which is far too far, without my car, and I do care about this my life without a lovely lover and chicks on-screen satisfy my lusting lust where I want to THRUST!  Ha!  Beyond my sing-song writing, I wish to “write beautiful poetry” with Justine Again, as we had a special Holy TBI bond of bones that were broke, we had little hope without doctors’ aid and oh, The love we made!

With her at my side, I had it made.

Ripley was spayed and I remember sitting us 3 on the sofa love-seat when it was neat, but I rarely called Justine a bitch, that she would sometimes say to me, “I’m a Bad Bitch!” And she tickled my itch, tickled my fancy, she was a fantasy of phenomenal enjoyment with her lips and wide hips, I wanted her to be skinny, once having the nickname “Tini” but not sipping a Chili’s Margarita or a shot of Tequila,

Speaking of which, I find myself always having to have a diet soda or SELTZER WATER in front of me on my coffee table, maybe because Alcoholics have habits like that imagining a belly full of beer, but no longer I, so do not fear, a break in my Sobriety, totally unlikely, although missing the caramel taste of fizzy full-body Guinness, other beers I digress, I remember the clothes Justine would undress!

Not the greatest body and denying an attempt at low-carb, I don’t want to be in an unescapable place with barbs, on the fences, I’m being punished by living 3 hours away from home, as my back muscles tenses

In the present tense, Bitcoins are worth $50,000 making it to $100,000 a specialist’s prediction by the end of the year, and I regret trying something queer, without any beer, without any wine, my stomach was amped up and empty, I remember the pain in my spine while reading a book — I haven’t read The Qur’an lately — a horror novel by R.L. Stine, not scaring me so I was fine, way back when I lived at home with Mother Hen and Daddy Duck, I want them to treat me better here at “Averte” with the fucks!

MMJ and fresh, green “Trees” I guess I am fine with simply CBD (I’m low on) ordering CBD flower from bostonhempire.com and industrialhempfarms.com I’m awaiting two of my orders, but the way they don’t give me my packages right away is very disordrserly, or, maybe my enemies are causing me a tad of misery, PLEASE STOP MY ENEMIES FROM MESSING WITH ME!

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