I like how Justin’s friend has the neat name “Luigi”

Notes coming out of a Trumpet and not Trump, the resounding sound of a gentle BLOW that I’m sure Steve Jobs would hear the world’s finest musicians

Becrowned like King Wayne the bass fisherman to the sound of the powerful motor a 2-stroke with hundreds of AYCHE-PEE’S as the sound resounds through the luxury carpeted interior with 2 tall up seats in the front&back that allow Dad and Randy to appear taller while taking deep breaths of the freshwater, and talking about nature and their all-natty wives, Sweet Debbie and Buckwild Becky lol jk Philips and their 2 boys Austin and Trevor who love their parents so dearly, I could tell you my Dear with a John Deere trucker hat put on backwards, like in the Hood

Some people wear hoodies in the winter

They take my clothes here, like the one Justin bought me showing money and reading, “Stack & Brag” that they took!

Not note-tunes in NotePad but really real harping coming from the harpist, pleasing the ears of the Experience at the opera, and thanks for taking me to that upper-class concert in Boston with Justin, and plus thank you for getting my best lover ever, Justine “Tini Ara” Aragona, tickets to my favorite band: Taking Back Sunday — I have seen so many great concerts like U2 with my stockbroker who I should call about my “crypto-currencies” investment that my 1 or 100 or 250 Bitcoins are now at $50,000 being predicted to reach $100,000

I knew something big would follow the restriction of BitTorrent and it was BITcoin, like Ripley never bit me hard on my wrists when we would play rough, but not too rough!

Now about the Path it is a straight line as accurate as an advanced laser, like I remember playing “Laser Tag” with Jared Donisvitch, my old best friend and may Ray Rest In Peace!

As well as David Perron, who I looked up to Brandon Hom who died from heroin, like Dave’s withdrawal he killed himself!

But speaking of opiates, I’ve never done OxyContin or Percocet or heroin or Fentanyl, but I’m not totally sure about the ICU

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