Mobil 1 is the finest motor oil: Synthetic

Streaming screamers riding the loops in American, tax-payer who is so generous, giving money to Addiction and Recovery Associations, and I have a 2-year Associate’s Degree but now being a writer who knows the keyboard very well, that my Mom plays notes on the ivory keys, that I don’t have a single “key” here, my bathroom door doesn’t close “All The Way”, and my bedroom door doesn’t close “All The Way”, I have a favorite rock group Taking Back Sunday “All The Way”

My Justine Aragona took me all the way and we saw this my favorite group in concert once or twice, and I didn’t drink there, that I quit all alcohol in 2016!

So let’s have it on ,

With cheers and jeers of the jerks who get a heavy-buzz from the golden beer, me not knowing any queers

But looking for my Queen to be a Bohemian “Rap-Artist” spittin’ lyrics enamored with the flow of words being emanated

Vocal electric-cords providing me the power to enjoy my Sirius radio subscription, singers singing, the Le Bron team from Las Angels, but let’s forget about Kobe Bryant, stomp an ant, watching TV with an amp, Tenna, an Amp-Tenna with 10 satellites beaming down DirecTV I watch CNN on, The World’s News Leader, but today for the first time in about 6 months I went to For News briefly and I voted for Biden as “The Insurrection” was not good for our great country that I feel I am a great American willing to pay for my Bitcoin(s) interest of “crypto-currency” when I was crying in pain from my

Points to the pounds of peanut butter Fluff the stuff in the trunk is locked, and no one’s getting into my 2011 Subaru Legacy with about 90k miles I haven’t driven it in years, back at home in MA

I want a new Subaru Outback XT “Limited” to drive around town, but there’s a bar nearby that I’ve never been in and I shouldn’t drink because I quit drinking all alcohol in 2016, that one day here at “Averte” I might be too tempted, I’m not allowed to drink here, I don’t work a job — except as an author — and I probably shouldn’t have a car here, like I promised Dan Besse my cousin stockbroker who invested my money into “crypto-currency” that will take over in countries, like in El Salvador they have Bitcoin as standard currency, and I told Dan when it reaches a high enough value I’d buy him a car like the Honda Civic Type-R with a 6-speed Transmission-  he drives a 6-speed BMW 335i right now, and I hope my investment will one day afford me a 1999 Ferrari F355 GTS F1 convertible with red paint and a tan leather interior that sell for roughly $100,000 when my Bitcoin(s) is/are worth $50,000 right now, which I’d first buy a Subaru Outback XT “Limited” for a little over $30,000 I could drive, but I shouldn’t have a car here because I would probably write on my laptop at a restaurant ordering a beer, I can’t have since 2016 when I quit drinking alcohol, completely… so easily!

I have 1 light beer on Christmas though, that’s the last time I had alcohol, but they wipe alcohol-swabs on my buttock when I receive my anti-psychotic HALOperidol I chose because I believe in Angels, like Angel M. on Facebook introduced me to a great Minister named Anne who lives and helps the poor with her “Hannah House” in Niagara Falls where I’d like to vacation with my family again like we went there maybe 3 years ago and I thought it was fun and beautiful, eating great burgers at The Hard Rock Cafe overlooking The Niagara Falls, I ate some great food there and my parents treated me to eating there whenever I wanted, usually ordering chicken caesar salads

I didn’t want to go on the Ferry under the Falls because I didn’t want to get wet, I bet, and I won $250 on a $5 scratch ticket, “Pinball Wizard” I always asked the gas station employee which ticket # the scratch-ticket was on, and sometimes I’d buy the $20 ones

John Perry of Aerosmith and Tom Petty and the Breakers, music resounding so subtle unless the Vol. is way up, Ripley was my Pup, and my Dad is my Pop, Mom is my Mom, Justin is my brother, AND JUSTINE ARAGONA was my best lover ever because we both had SEVERE TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURIES FROM CAR CRASHES THAT WERE NOT OUR FAULTS!

I want to marry her now that I’ve ended my alcohol abuse of drinking 3 light beers a night at home, but they don’t let me drink here which I wouldn’t want to because I’ve been Sober for so long now, alas, I have CBD from and they buy me at the store nearby, here in Bradford, Vermont 3 hours away from my car and my home with my “Health Proxy” parents who I love them each so much, and as a married couple


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