Saxophone and sex on the phone at home in my bed when my ex-girlfriend lived so far away that I had to drive my 2004 Subaru WRX with wider tires 45 minutes or over an hour to visit her at her dorm and home

Notes coming out of a Trumpet and not Trump in Microsoft Office, that I bought online a copy of Word to write 100-200 pages in size=8 font, that I then used size=18 font to bring it to 10,000 pages, that Microsoft reported because it was about Jesus and God and Allah and Islam but that I’m not fully Islamic and I’m nonviolent who respects women like Justine Aragona 2010 to 2013 I want to marry her because we both suffered Brain Injuries and broken bones in car crashes that were not our faults, the resounding sound of a gentle BLOW that I’m sure Steve Jobbs hears the world’s finest musicians — or did he die?

I dislike the weather when it rains heavy amounts of H20 my look what I have done, I said I “dislike” something that I usually always write about positive things, but with my deceased recently Aunt Ida, I’m concerned about her soul, that NYC is reporting massive flooding and even 10+ deaths, so Rest In Peace Aunt Ida!

God died a long time ago, but the Big Bang is still happening and that I got beyond to be in God’s presence, and He is a real “Illusion” like a “Hologram” at the edge of space, and I only believe in “heaven/hell” and “An Intermediary State before A Great Awakening” as described by my favorite book, The Qur’an, that I’m 3/5 through reading it, which about a year ago I read so much of it, but I also pay special attention to The Psalms of the Bible — I have two Bibles in my apartment — I like the Psalms so much because I got a TBI that almost killed me and after that when I was midway through my TBI Recovery, I got an A- in Poetry II with Dr. Ken Gibbs who liked my soliloquies and three dot-com websites of poetry and prose WSU classes. —

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