Oreo cookies – I prefer the white part of the cookie, but I’m not racist!

Theo on The Bill Cosby Show that creepy man who appeared so jovial and a good father on the TV show, but fact: I prefer watching white people with good skin and attractive not fat, I like muscle, so I drink a lot of olive oil and protein shakes, but they serve meals here at “Averte” in Bradford, Vermont that’s 3 hours away from my “Health Proxy” parents who pay $10,000 a month to keep me in this rehabilitation home where they don’t do therapies they just give out pills and cook food, occasionally giving me a dose of Haloperidol that was doubled in dose, and then increased by 50% through a doctor who was up to something, putting me on Estrogen injections while I was intubated in the ICU unable to move the left side of my body (www.wrxtbi.com) so I grew man-breasts that are all gone now thanks to a bottle of Arimistane sold on various websites that reduces estrogen, I was damaged from visit http://www.wrxtbi.com I could float here forever like a Friendly’s Float ( YouTube: Modest Mouse – Float On ) with two straws in the Fribble Star Trek’s “Trouble With Tribbles” I haven’t watered my plant in my room, it gets some sunlight, speaking of which I would not “Float On” because I WOULD ACCELERATE THROUGH GOD’S UNIVERSE ON TOP OF JUSTINE, but the first time it was spur of the moment she was on top and she was curious after seeing a female in her family doing it on video-tape!



` ` ` THEOCRATIC ANOMALIES ` ` ` like the staff here not giving me me meds, and she said she had to drive one of the Disbled and Handicapped people here to “TAI KWON DO” — am I to believe that ???

WHAT’S GOING ON HERE ??? WHY DO THEY ALWAYS MAKE MISTAKES WITH MY TREATMENT, LIKE THE CHEF LIED TO ME TODAY, but he calls me “Pal” and he’s friendly, but I have the bad feeling that I’m being messed with me here 3 hours away from my “Health Proxy” parents who are responsible for me, completely, controlling my medications, with corrupt doctors, and 3 weeks ago I asked if I could get a haircut and they still haven’t offered to take me out for the day, that I had one of the employees in the office write a note for me to get my hair cut a week and a half ago ` ` ` they ignore me because I believe they’re in Hell for having caused me to drink so much, getting free drinks from the ordained bartender to get me sloshed, drinking a Raspberry Slush Puppy at a Little League game in my hometown of Charlton, MA because I dislike how they give me shitty treatment and not allowing the maid Sandy to pick up the huge mess, and I don’t want her wasting her time perfectly making my bed while I see my Ph.D. therapist on Fridays, and I haven’t seen a therapist here at “Averte” Rehabilitation Home where they employ many therapists, but they don’t let me see them, despite the $10,000/mo. rent!

An elegy read my best short story: (www.alwayschillen.com/elegance.htm) I spent hours of research before I wrote it in one night, and like the beautiful, beauty-store female woman I named her “Lexus” I want a Lexus with AWD not too big, but my latest fancy is the brand new Acura Integra with AWD and HID’s with enough horsepower in a 5-speed Transmission THAT HONESTLY I COULD NEVER DRIVE A STICK NOW WITH MY DISABLED AND HANDICAPPED SHORTER LEFT LEG THAT ALSO HAS SOME PARALYZED EFFECTS FROM 2004

I want a F1 transmission in my 1999 Ferrari F355 that sell for about $100,000 I wouldn’t go on the highway with it — everything I need is nearby and they cook and clean for me! $10,000/mo. rent where I have my own 2 floor apartment with a small refrigerator!

Smother mother goodness Laurie G. and her family that she got married to a second husband ` ` ` I look at the Cross, and I look away”

Obama’s slogan “CHANGE” was appropriate, our first African-American President

My Dad was a company President and 25% Owner of a very large ECM Plastics, Inc. that I always worked at during summers and I designed their second website with editing eating tiny donuts in the break room where I always put a phat amount of sugar in my coffee, like a slushy at the bottom of the Styrofoam white cup they had plenty of cups so I often used a new cup for each coffee, but I recycle all of my plastics, my cardboard, and my many Diet Soda cans I let them keep the money for, which I hope Sandy gets the profits because my apartment is a mess and she does an impeccable job of making my bed and cleaning my bathroom, but she only does dishes bringing them down to the kitchen to go in the dishwasher, not cleaning much of my messy upstairs or ever vacuuming (!!!) my floor that’s dusty, like my super dusty Dell laptop I forgot the password to over a year ago, but I rarely used it for computing, because I love the prettiness of the OS X and top of the line displays ,

Cordial but more, affordable like a Beauty (www.alwayschillen.com/beauty.htm) for more of you, miss sweetie miss, and it’s a foul stench the septic pumpers maybe plumbers and plumpers pontificating Tiffany’s “Family” tattoo on her abdomen, oh how I love my Marquis Wayne and Deborah Marquis Wayne Marquis the President of a company he owned 25% of with huge customers like Gillette

God is the Author of the My Page, I say

But in my first class back the teacher who passed me when I learned about the literary theory “Deconstruction” where one grain goes against another grain, like in my best short story “Elegance” I use “Deconstruction” to write about female-beauty regimens for classy girls with designer clothes and hygiene with the gross things like sweating and shaving body hair (www.alwayschillen.com/elegance.htm)

And this comes from my first English class at WSU “Methods of Literary Study” with MaryLynn Saul who passed me as she congratulated my use of The English language on paper, but I didn’t like the reading ` ` ` I write more than I read, and I have about 5 books I’m halfway through reading them to the finish

I had a pager in High School at Saint John’s where some students were even allowed to carry cell-phones, with my job at my Dad’s business, I earned many paychecks but one summer working, I had to work in the factory sweeping the floors and wearing steel-toed boots, I had to bring them to ECM Plastics, Inc. to wear while I would paint or arrange small boxes on shelves putting them in order, the 1 pound samples of the plastics they extruded and there were thousands of boxes called “Retain Boxes” that they ended up getting rid of the too old, defunct ones

I used Animated Gifs on the left-side Menu on my Dad’s old ECM Plastics I designed for many years it was up, but they wanted it professionally done, but you can view all of my websites and the ECM website I designed at one of my favorite websites: http://www.archive.org that saves copies of all websites I’ve had FIVE DOT-COM’S

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