Be waiting the game!!!

Be waiting the game where white rice is so plain, like the two plane aircrafts who destroyed the Twin Towers, and isn’t it funny “OBAMA” was elected similar to like “OSAMA” who I am glad he was put to death by our country’s soldiers in Pakistan, and Barack Obama was our great country’s President, with a big dent in the red Honda Civic Is that was ruined on purpose, when Derek Langlois brought along alcohol which I didn’t drink and drive that day, that was all a “SET-UP” because Derek Langlois BEGGED ME TO DRINK HIS ALCOHOL, DEMANDING IT, SWEARING AT ME WITH HARSH INSULTS BECAUSE I WOULDN’T DRINK THE ALCOHOL HE BROUGHT ALONG AS PART OF “A PLAN OF MY ENEMIES” that Derek Langlois told me he promised my parents I would drink the whole thing, but I denied him, my parents, and the many other fucks who wanted me in court for drinking and crashing a new car, but I drove the speed limit COMPLETELY SOBER, then shortly after I drove it to my best-friend’s Dad’s Automotive Accessories Store, discovering the huge dents, and I was enraged at how Duddie Ford sold me a ruined vehicle that was a part of my enemies “Plan” SO FUCK THEM DEAD WITH WHAT I BELIEVE TO BE AN UPCOMING WAR IN THE MIDDLE EAST!

Afghanistan is all over the news, under our Nation’s enemies’ control, and my American country left behind so much Military Equipment that the Taliban now has it all!

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