USA Embassy warns *again* leave airport gates “immediately”

Iran will have nuclear missiles’ grade of Uranium in 2 months, I read on BBC

And North Korea has over 100 submarines with missiles and torpedoes in the Pacific Ocean, unable to be tracked by Satellites

In many years from now, unless there’s a huge war with nuclear missiles, I will sell my Bitcoin(s) and many, many other “Crypto-Currencies” that I was so Blessed to learn of these after I came home from a full month in the ICU and 2.5 months at Fairlawn Rehabilitation Hospital for my moderate/severe injuries to my Traumatic Injured Brain and shattered left hip in 7 pieces, so from home I prayed for God to ease my severe pain and bad depression and I Googled: “cry” and “Crypto-Currency” came up, at which point I knew it was a Blessing, so I put my savings into it and my Dad and some of his business partners, like the Great John Coz! I thank him for teaching me how to read good literature and become a semi-famous writer who “crafts mesmerizing sentences” with my A- in Poetry II with Dr. Gibbs at Worcester State University

In 2013 or 2014 I bought Pre-IPO shares of these ((( ))) and when they were worth pennies, through Daniel M. Besse my stockbroker cousin when I stayed over his house in Connecticut for the night when his wife was out of town, and he used his computers and telephone — like calling France to set me up with an official Bank in France, where my parents who are my “Health Proxy” can’t take it for themselves, when they’re already worth many millions of dollars

Unless my Dad made the evil choice to steal my money, and my evil mother, too, I have so much money when Dan said to me, “Jeff, you’re already a millionaire through your parents, why do you need more?”

I told him I wanted to buy a 1967 Ferrari 250 GTO and a 1999 Ferrari F355 GTS F1, for summer cars, and a new Subaru Outback XT “Limited” to drive in the snow, plus a house near my parents to live with my most-recent ex-lover of 2010-2013 my Justine Aragona because she’s so sweet AND WE BOTH HAVE MODERATE/SEVERE TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURIES, THAT WEREN’T OUR FAULT!

And did you know that there have been so very many “Virgin Births” before and after Jesus Christ ?????

It’s called “Parthenogenesis“. I don’t believe Jesus had any magical powers. I don’t believe Jesus Christ is the official “Son Of God” because so many virgins have given birth to unspecial babies, so that article on I read in 2004 and was part of “THE SET-UP” FOR ME TO BECOME SO INJURED because I pleaded with my Minister Jim Chase of The Charlton Federated Church to imagine for a second that Jesus has nothing to do with God!

If Jesus was the one single one and the only “Virgin Birth” EVER I’d consider him special, but there have been hundreds of others, and Jesus was put to death by the government!

Remember, not much is known about Jesus, I don’t read anything but the Psalms in the Bible, and the Bible is mostly ancient farcical tales


And the farcical Bible says that Lamech — the son of Noah — lived for over 700 years!

Because of an article on that told about a “Virgin Birth” that was new in November of 2004, I abandoned Jesus and I was taught a lesson by my family, friends, relatives, and co-workers WHEN THEY BROKE MY ABSITENCE AND THREATENED ME SO BADLY, LYING TO ME SO DEEPLY, after they spied on me every chance they got, paying Webmasters of many internet bulletin boards to fuck with me so badly all calling me “FAGGOT!” as I’ve been raped by a Saint John’s High School teacher WHO HAS BEEN FIRED FROM THE CATHOLIC PRIVATE HIGH SCHOOL!

Mr. John Deedy raped me and my mouth and my anus, I hate Alexander Kozlov, the steroid druggie, for provoking my rape by the older homosexual teacher I had as an instructor for three years at my Religious High School!

I trusted him, he wore a cock-ring to school and had both of his nipples pierced. HE SHOWED ME PHYSICAL AND EMOTIONAL PAIN, just like all of the jerks who screamed at me when I was driving in the rain with wet leaves covering Henshaw Street in Leicester, MA not far from Derek Langlois’ house and the Voting place in Leicester where I voted that day AS THERE WAS SOME BULLSHIT IN CHARLTON, MA MY HOMETOWN- WHERE SOME MOTHERFUCKER VOTED IN MY OWN NAME!

The Minister Jim Chase of The Charlton Federated Church was there and I believe he punched me in the face, like a Charlton cop named Derek Gaylord did bad things to me but saying he wouldn’t arrest me… yet!

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