I believe in God Himself The Father at the edge of space because I have experience with Him there with nights of Godly prayers!

What’s happening here at “Averte” in Bradford, Vermont?

What’s the haps? Let me tell you, the happy happenings of hardly harnessing the Holy Spirit within me delivered me and my Justine Aragona I love her, hopefully her, adopting Abstinence of evil alcohol the ethyl kind with my crypto-currencies of “Ether” with my broker who believed me, and the men at my Dad’s ECM Plastics, Inc. so profitable, I Propheted the rise of a new type of secure money, introduced to me and my Bitchain through Bruce Fenton my friend the Public Figure stockbroker who took the time out of his days and evenings to speak with me on the telephone about my TBI recovery and what I saw when my brain was almost taken out by a telephone pole on Henshaw St. near Derek Langlois’ house with my enemies and him crying on the phone begging me to end my suffering, induced by these my many enemies who pretended to believe my writing as truth, that they were just jokes, my fictional posts on The Post-Whores dot net with shocks of static shock-jocks with their talks about Jay Leno’s buddy Mr. Norton like I use Norton360 protection with a VPN that prevents the many hack attacks on my Mac’s since 2005 when I chose to abandon my Dell and embrace OS X with the Microsoft Word I created a document with 10,000+ pages of my autobiography concerning the stay with my favorite women in the hospital, being tall in 2006/2007 injecting my legs I grew not planting/growing MMJ at my home, but much taller, like 3” taller in my legs that the nurse shrunk my trunks, before the tobacco that I haven’t had a cigarette in years, albeit while inhaling tiny amounts of Bugler tobacco they buy me here, I keep it near, having usually 3 puffs the pipe is so small, relieving my relentless choice for comfort and sleeping soundly, Allah is Allah ‘round me!

I can feel you Allah ‘round me, with the Lord of the Flies, but no mary-jane cannabis leafs near me here: 

Flyleaf – All Around Me


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