I want to buy a new Subaru Outback XT “Limited” or “Onyx”

To do, and down right, as this is my last plight:  TWA 747 on 9/11 when many went to “heaven/hell” with spell-check tipping off at the tipping tip-toe point way up North to the America with Canada our neighbor at a cooler climate with not much change, America, for Barack Obama BAM, GRAND SLAM, but with a naughty slap to a ho’s face being disgraced and distracted by the Race-Card playing hard with parkie-dark-dark skin and a sinful soul within — look at the violence in our USA with violins playing daintily with Eli Lily providing Health Care, so pick a Card from my Deck104 if you want more!

Scroll down to the top and pick up where we left off ,

Smashing what’s whack with this thick stack of pizza pie oh me- oh my- why? Why? Why? Oh pizza of fatty carbs and “Arba Miha” was Arbs on Kiss108 when I would see her at Brooks not too late, but her I didn’t date, as she was so little and so sweet at the Woo State cafeteria we would eat!

Symphonies at the Opera browser with Tiffanies left and right, remember that 747 flight?

Landing safely on the tarmac, I’m under attack by these hacker terrorists without any cut marks on my clean wrists, I dislike heavy snackers when I’m wearing slacks, and while pumping out small amounts of semen, gay porn is a demon, demonstrating sinful sex, I want to hex the faggots of the world, as men should only have sex with girls, the pretty females on this great green Earth-  that this is my world, so you have my word I paid for Word online before I wrote over 100 pages in size=8 Arial font, “This girl and that girl” (https://jeffreymarquis.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/feed-me-your-jessica-and-carina-1.pdf) at the top, and of the page the girls I was with were “of age!” 18+ only!

I don’t take Valium but the Minister’s daughter “Val” is why I am prescribed Xanax, with such gall be sure of me as I have a lot of money with the French Treasury, that my Trust Fund is in TD Bank, with my Dad and Mom to thank, so thank you parents for the $10,000 rent at “Averte” paying it all, the nurse shrunk my legs and I’m not so tall, like I grew 3” taller with the 10 IU of Humatrope, I only have CBD and not any “dope” — that’s a promise with not a single sin, nope!

Mother dearest, I want to keep you nearest at home, and without a drone in the sky, I have yet to say goodbye!

Typing without speaking, my throat I’m always clearing, being clean with Justine, but too short to fuck in the shower, gummy bears are sour, at this hour, taking them with creatine recommended by my doctors who know about my TBI damaged brain, but I felt no pain, my applause for the Paramedics I sing the refrain, and memories of the events of my evil enemies, I crashed going too fast in the rain!

On the cusp and off with the “cuffs” want me locked up? TOUGH!

Strong and skinny, I once liked “Mannie” at UT on video of her I would see, many times, this supreme power at this hour of 1:51 AM I haven’t had the Bacardi 151 in nips, I love girls’ tits, on this photo of Justine Aragona’s bosoms I was born on the first day of spring, and with the flowers in The Garden of Eden, they Blossom!

I want Justine “Tini Ara” Aragona of 2010 to 2013 my latest Ex, to be my Queen, and Allyson Drucker-Hodgkins is replaced, saving face, like Samantha (“Mannie”) D’Amico my friend in class and on Facebook, she was my Princess a few years younger, not being 21 yet Manny years ago, when we were friends, she is not the same, and I like my girls “tame” not being “lame” that I wish Allyson’s body was the same, unlike now when she’s given birth to twins, Isabella and Sofia, I wish you well with ringing bells on smoking Christmas “trees” many years ago when I got my weed with authorization that had no seeds, but my “seed” was stolen when my injured brain was swollen, with a bit of bleed cured by a month in the I see you snooping and probably taping the audio of my downstairs bathroom, at the time I am pooping going “Pop” on Pop2k on Sirius satellite-radio, you know, like hopping hoping how “hops” and barely “barley” are barely tempting me, having quit drinking in 2016, I believe I was 18 when my Virginity was stripped of me, like all Men (not boys) Justine Aragona’s breasts were like toys, while giving me blowjobs on my nonexistent-whores, my Secretary sluts, me banging their butts, here at “Averte” I twist my door’s knobs, not listening to Twisted Sister, I always see “Step gently Sister” Justine Aragona I miss her so very, very much in my car additive accident I hit the Clutch your breasts of Justine Aragona’s chest bountiful and pretty, too large to be perky and not saggy my CBD from bostonhempire.com or industrialhempfarms.com I sing this song, Katy Perry’s “Fireworks” I don’t have a job at this momento Mom and Dad, be happy instead of sad!

Dana Gardner was bad, smoking Ganga before Saint John’s each day, but what the hey, Dana doesn’t want to hear what I have to say, things will go my way, All The Whey protein like this Taking Back Sunday song, “All The Way”

“Creeper” callers paging my pages of prose on a Pager, I had one at Saint John’s for a yearly fee, but I wasn’t a “dealer” like Matty with a favorite meal at Fairlawn, the Chicken Patty, and I want to sail the Christo Columbo ship at sea!

Wayne Marquis is greater than me MY DAD and so I am giving him 51% of my “crypto-currencies” my greatest investment as advised by Bruce F. telling me it was wise, and without making a sound, like this mean mental-“meltdown” I was listening to this song when I took my life to high heights unparalleled at the distant edge of space, buttfucking all night took place, I was in far out space while uniting in a Tight credits roll like Teletubbies and I am very thin, but not chubby, from Erin’s here girth, a girl, years ago she gave birth, but for what it’s worth I’m a fancy millionaire who cares, about my money in France, with Bethany O’Coin I danced in the holiday season, for a reason, I grabbed her booty tightly on the dance floor I did, but she was a few years younger not a kid, anymore I saw her ass butt once, outside of her pool at her home, I should have known, when I was a kid, my dry orgasms I hid, and I have no pot with a lid, honest about my not ordering THC, I have a few pills a day of CBD, which I chew without you being in Vermont a Mont Blanc Pen I desire, now, but maybe I will buy one for $200 (my parents put in my bank today with them to thank )

Here (https://jeffreymarquis.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/feed-me-your-jessica-and-carina-1.pdf) I mention the Mont Blanc, a check on my list of girls that is far from blank, as per my occasionally once having sex with Mrs. Neas, until sunrise, in the last mental-hospital I was in, and aloud by the crowd, we were allowed to sleep in the same bed one night, who was a tiny “Dominatrix” paid to kick men in private places, my teeth are white and straight as per the Braces, of previous years, I HATE QUEERS HAVING NOT BEEN DRINKING BEERS, except for queer cousin Lisa Perron, on Baker Pond at home not here, I would see many blue herons, that Wayne Marquis is my hero, on a bulkie, and with more than enough OOMPH! my sentences are aloof, showing with a Loofa all sudsy and at the deep bottom of a chocolate protein shake, that’s where the crud be…

Mama Hen I made a list for Hannaford’s tomorrow with my current pen, one that isn’t a Mont Blanc, in my car the horn I would honk, toot twice when driving by Laurie’s house I want to buy a pretty mansion, to doodle on papers (I signed with my Bitcoin investment ) that I learned from Bruce F. on Facebook he was my Friend and on the phone, speaking to him when I lived with Derek Langlois and Brian McNeil, this new secure type of money its potential I could really Feel, in front of God’s brain in his head, I looked through His eyes one at a time, in his cranium- enrich Uranium, for bombs, I comb my hair here at this anti-psychotic home sitting on my love seat I call it my throne, using a hacked phone it doesn’t CHARGE ANDY all the way, once again, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qIk7AiptAvI — Taking Back Sunday “All The Way” having bought their many discs and having attended three of these their concerts, like at Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun, with Justine Aragona, we went together and we had a lot of fun!

Take the Cake with an upcoming “Fake Bake” at the hair stylist locality nearby, I will eat a PEACE and stand in the booth or lay in the bed, until my epidermis skin turns red, hot in bed, it’s legit with LGD-4033 I’ve never taken this GH secretagogue sold many places online, this MK-677 works just fine for staying at a light weight, me only one sixty lbs.

When I was with Justine Aragona I saw with my eyes closed His universe in the verses of the Hymnal I kept in bed with us near, she would sing for a few hours when I wanted to hear her voice she’s singing praises of me, not Tony, the 3rd TBI Survivor I liked at the support groups in the (Community Enterprises in Worcester for brain-injury survivors ) Tony threw up beer and liquor in her room, so soon after I drank a bunch of beer alone (she wasn’t 21, yet, and I would Bet she is sober since me the strong beers I’d use her bathroom and pee ) Justine Aragona, she was into me so deeply when we had sex every night with a lot of oral goings-on, I wish I didn’t have to dump her and say Bye! FOREVER? I wish to reunite with Justine Aragona and marry her, I gave her a white BLESSED rubber white bracelet, that Dan Pellegrini tried to tell me that Justine and I weren’t blessed as we’ve both been so injured, I assured him that we were BLESSED, AND HER MOM LOVED ME SO MUCH FOR TELLING DAN PELLEGRINI WE WERE HONESTLY BLESSED, and Linda was so happy PROUD WITHOUT GAY PRIDE, but that aside, Justine’s Mom named Linda Pellegrini or Linda Aragona now, or maybe she has returned to her Maiden name, she was so happy that I knew we were both TRULY BLESSED, with implants this Linda had on her chest, in a bikini in her pool, Summertime is where I shine all shiny so skinny, my white skin pale now soon tanning like Christian Bale in the movie “Psycho” when he did protein peptides really GHRP-6 made me taller in 2005 and 2006, before Justine Aragona, that I made her Mom so happy that she CRIED and I heard she wanted us to get married, I should have done, but I was too busy having fun with my allowed 3 beers at night, playing Microsoft Flight for Windows nineteen ninety eight and with none of the HATE!


Amanda dIe from Charlton with my Great Aunt Ida in Heaven or maybe with God and His “Illusion” at the edge of space, I haven’t “taken down” any Facebook or dot-com or blog posts tonight and I can’t believe my double vision sight, wearing spectacles, I have no warts on my testicles, having inseminated Justine Aragona’s pristine vagina when she was no longer a Teen, her Mom’s breast-implants I have seen some of and not killing me or anything, like I didn’t die with my sportscar Turbo crash that I bled through my badly injured head having recovered a lot with my time in the ICU and Fairlawn, I would mow the lawn for my Mom and Dad at home in Charlton, Mass at The Charlton Federated Church that I saved 60+ Sunday Service pamphlets, like a Guiding Light with Allah’s “SPEED” I want to rely more on an amphetamine trip to the Doctor’s Word maybe giving me Dexedrine Dana would take for his fake A.D.D. he doesn’t take the pills anymore now that my Saint John’s High School Catholic School was cool with Mr. Deedy and the old Mr. Reedy I tried his Economics class that my time there and here at “Averte” Rehabilitation home where they give me my pills, no frills, just pills-pills-pills nom nom nom Tiph Desrosiers smokes weed I need from NETA with my MMJ card approved by 3 doctors now expired and Dr. Schreiner was so old he died, and from A. Schulman I wasn’t necessarily “Fired” but I was “LET GO!”

BUCKLE UP! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ulHnSU3b6cg

I don’t hit girls and I never got into any car accidents or fender benders when I was driving with Justine 2010-2013

Does anyone remember that day when YouTube was down?

I’m not taking anything from you.

I promise I didn’t take anyone with me.

Dad had a photo of Cristen Houlihan at my Junior Prom on his millionaire President of ECM Plastics, Inc. on his desk, like I invested in coindesk.com

Grammy wanted us to get married she said out loud with a greedy grin on her face, as Dad paid for her place, and Aunt Donna’s Mickey is with “God”

I remember giving my Brother Justin my Movado watch, that he knew how valuable it was, then saying, “I can’t accept this from you, Jeff” he eventually did at that Birthday event

Should I ask my parents to bring a sleeping bag to sleep on, on a rug in my upstairs with my satellite-radio I keep on HIP-hop Nation on channel 43?

My back feels fine and it’s great for the curve of the spine, I have a sleeping bag that’s mine and my Dad sleeps in the Coleman green sleeping bag

They wash my clothes here at “Averte”

The staff likes me a lot here!

I like Elise the most and Ember who should get a job near ECM PLASTICS INC yes Ember the girl here she should get a job at Eblen’s department store where I bought a pair of shoes, I don’t own a pair of “Red Bottoms” because I’m making money moves NOT BLOODY MOVES LIKE JUSTINE ARAGONA HAD HER SMALL PERIOD IN MY BED ONCE AND I WAS SO AMUSED AND SMILING!

Sophie Marquis

I need an easy clutch bag in a car, a standard or the F1 shifting on a 1999 Ferrari F1 transmission with Mr. Cronin getting a loving sex change for his wife my cousin Lisa Perron

Enormous munchies chocolate chip cookies chewy Chewbacca chewing chaw in his cheeks on his Facebook profile muddy butt cheeks no way the cheeks on his Facebook page with papers I signed for my parents when I was in the ICU and Fairlawn Rehabilitation Hospital for my TBI when I got hit with a Dodge crossing the street- get it? DODGE!

maybe a Ram!

Once, and only once, I fell in the street after leaving the bar across the street I’d walk in a walker with my Creative Writing Professor Dr. Walker who gave me a B+ that he was willing to give me an A with my brilliant Biographies and a graphic picture of a gunshot wound in the brain, like I have a TBI that injured my brain so I had to go to Therapies for years, without any queers, or John Deere’s cleaning up that building who it collapsed in Florida and they found the last missing person his or her Body with Finesse and Josie Maran Fitness Howard Stern has 3 daughters

Look at Sophie my Grammy.

See how withered her hands are at 100 or so years of age 18+

I took Krystle Witterall to the ECM Plastics, Inc. Christmas Party MY DAD! Owner President of the plastics business employing about 200 people!

I liked Krystal Fancy who knew Cynthia Louis daughter of Dianne at Le Mirage

I went to Worcester State (University, my Education, my Learning and Leaning to the Left because my hip pelvis was in 7 pieces!) 

When mother Hen laid an egg and I eat only the whites but for once a week I have a Yolk Aunt Donna rec

Is this being recorded???

I don’t have a Criminal Record!

recommended I have 1 egg Yolk each week the whites I’m white proud Caucasian skin tone with my broken hip bone!

And for Christmas, Spot recieved a bone:

I don’t own a gun.

I don’t have any sharp knives.

They very rarely serve steak here at “Averte”

I’m nonviolent.

I am not vile, I have no vials here or needles or a criminal record from my http://www.wrxtbi.com

I am Disabled.

I am Handicapped a little.

Entry at Heaven’s Gate:

A Heavenly place in Space with this sing-song sing-song live-long song on YouTube that says “Future takes place deep in space “

Visit my www.wrxtbi.com

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