A horse-tug boat with a piddle-paddle row row row your boat with ease, please stay tuned to the Turner classic black and ivory-white on a 1990’s TV

Smashing thinking too much blinking, blinding finding in the big building- a skyscraper, flying high to bake her, while positivity is something we need in now 2021, listening to Sound-Cloud with fluffy clouds so high, but without the Hennessey, that’s the way for me, always with flamboyant thoughts drifting sifting but never drinking alcohol – away on AWOL

Talking the talk and walking the walk, with a walker and cane when everyone said, “Your brain is so damn damaged, YOU’RE INSANE!” which I don’t feel in my mental and perfected dental, all my teeth but for 2 wisdoms taken out, Dad catches Trout, as we approach The Thunder Dome, with a lightning storm, so seek shelter with Walter who falters falling down with a 2nd-rate wife, oh his olde-tyme music radio show, do I like it? NO! For I am lit with Katy Perry’s “Firework” on the 4th of July without any banging at my door, to learn what’s sold at the store, CVS I am bereft before Justine and Justin the perfect match, as Justin is a smoker, and his Anthony Weiner is too feeble to poke her internal Organ, playing at church courtesy of Marge Jalbert- I know her well and we won’t be in Hell, as per the guidance of The Minister to the MAXIMUM – Jesus pleas for his life, please, oh show me a Lamborghini Murcielago going too fast, the Italian mechanics won’t last driven hard, 52 cards draw a lucky ace and be all up in my face! Free of dim imperfections, with healthy sebum making me come closer to the mirror, like oh, or, dancing with a sweetie whore and forcing her to do the chores, around the house and trap a mouse with Jesus cheese, take the bait, please!

And came about the round’a’bout between two boxers wearing shorts with “Junk In The Trunk” of the Jeep Wrangler with two hands around Eric Garner’s neck, killing him but leaving Dana “Gardner” my best friend from my hometown with the home-known hun with homies swaying swagger all haggard from the 40 oz. of Fentanyl that I have never taken opiates after I got out of the hospital for my waxxxy WRX TBI @ my all MOC MOC MOCK the layman drinker so health-ridden in a coffin with my PureCaf caffeine in the mail from the mailman in the main mall in the area purchasing paid purchases from foreign factories like DKNY Aunt Donna and the Koran with NoKo-missiles that our Nation’s military is prepared to shoot down the heroin “dope” (Facebook : “Poke” that I once poked shit… the S-word with my Valiant Comics and my mighty “Sword” I swore to the judge I was fine with no alcohol, and I’ve been simply CORRECT THE BALLOTS with ballerina’s balling in the highest peaks of a little girl shrieks, “A mouse!” that’s in her house, so take the cheese, oh please, she’s alive and she’s a female who struts her stuff on the Runway of Life in the heavenly paradise of a man like Hugh, hi Hugh, love your Bunnies the yellow “Peeps” on Easter Morning for the Easier Bunny to make Jesus’s Ressurection as popular that Cialis can DRINK ENSURE PROTEIN FROM THE STORE… where I need some more of that sweetie swagger don’t stagger and don’t slur your words while buying a pair of Hush Puppies shoes for the wife… the wife of Wayne’s life providing for me with his own company, with me and Mom, the Marquis family, randomly getting lucky except for when the Ford “stalls” of the Handicapped ambling in wheelchairs if they can use their arms, so I feel bad for the injured who can’t use their arms — as keys type away on this MacBook Pro with an up-to-date Update with a date a lass with an Up-Do haircut with the Gillette razor in the shower being used in the morning bush, so HUSH with Hugh and you too silly-boo!

I try to gain a famous stature with a proud bots proud boys under the subwoofer in my Trunk of my Subaru I want to drive so I can come and see you, in all your Majesty I will be addressed from the Court Jester with the police department of Leicester, Mass so wipe the slate fleetingly clean with my “Cool, Calm, and Collected” teacher rape in a tune from English I at Saint John’s, telling me how many SJ grads are “Islamic” like many, many — mostly the married ones — are Islamic now for many, many reasons that Misses B. was so upset that some had allegiance to Allah and buttes butt-sex with wives AND I THINK IT’S JUST BECAUSE WE HAD TO TAKE SHOWERS AFTER PHYS. ED.

Make this look good for God and Allah with God at the edge of space, with His “Tiph” wearing my Marquis-diamohd I’m gonna buy her, but not here at “Averte” to peruse the shoes of Shaquille O’Neal probably size 18 sold to the old Shaq havihg a panic-attack on the battlefield of the B-ball “Court” I don’t want to go to as I am happy on this new laptop, this my writing device, not a $1 #2 Push-Pencil, so shove the handicapped man who does all he can, to defend himself, I plan on defending myself, but not with my fists or sit-up balls at the gym where I have been, but not lately as I’m late to a meeting with the paparazzi greetings, no pictures please!, onto the next one before this all comes to The End!



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