I saw Dr. Candido today and he likes me and my writing, I’ve been writing a lot with my WSU good grades in Poetry II and Creative Writing

One trick 3 times, Thrice, with white-rice, charmed with Soy Sauce steamed all nice, and all night long- it went on through the hours, us together united- we had powers, my Justine Aragona, she’s on my sonar, all night fantastical almost magical with mystical God at the edge of space, I found my place, to be with the Father, and I went farther, reaching in front of Him and His Illusion like a hologram, fantastic

Sippin’ some soda with only the Diet and zero carbs, like I have 0 car(s) in Bradford, Vermont where they cook my meals and give me my meds, for my TBI head, injured “moderately/severely” I.C.U for a whole month and 3 weeks on a drilled-in feeding tube, I like Justine’s boobs au naturel

From whence, from whenst, could I do a 230 lbs. bench PRESS DOWN ON THE KEYS AND YOU WILL SEE, writing comes easy with my TBI while I cannot bear to cry, or shed a tear, Jeffrey Content, Comfortable, Cruisin’ (But not for a Bruisin’…)

Fish in the sea and oil in E-gypt on Ecstasy, I foresee, writing poetry and prose is for me, all tall grades of beef in the garden with Elizabeth Arden, alrighty then, and, now, it’s too late to make phonecalls at 11:18 that I weigh-ted 160 lbs. recently, with no prohormones for me, so skinny, absolutely Mini with wheat-back pennies that give me energy from A to Z with G-O-D

Wikipedia: “Parthenogenesis” 

Jesus Christ.


His story is full of holes like the many “Virgin Births” before and after Christ, it’s done in labs and comes naturally, with many women developing fetuses without a man’s sperm cells, learning this destroyed Jesus for me and I felt some anger… some disappointment… but those feelings have quelled, all from my http://www.wrxtbi.com events about my ICU-stay and years recovering, aided tremendously by IGF-1 LR3, oh the improvements I once could see, that brought me free of injury, but I’m still with a shattered left hip in seven pieces! Ouch!

Splatter the chatter of chit-chat over pancakes as we maybe go to a Tanning Salon to get a fake-bake, as my Dad fishes with a “Chatter-Bait” catching bass, hooking them and I are hooked on ass

Splash a turtle jumps into the freshwater, drinking Perrier or San Pellegrino with Dan Pellegrini, JUSTINE’S STEPDAD! Who urged me to stop with the drinking a drink, and I thought that must stink, so I kept drinking beer without any fear, as I didn’t drive drunk and I’d buy a 12-pack to put in the back, in the trunk, of my Subaru Legacy from 2011 and like I was in a limo with Justine when we pulled up to the 111 Chop House (before sleeping together at a hotel nearby that night in 2013…)

Belonging to her, I was true, and she was my “Boo” counting to 100, I’m under it, instead of going to Pub99, Justine was a year or two too young to sip fine wine and with that I was just fine, so as not to make her thirsty, the beer was only for me with Michelob ULTRA’s and Steel Reserve at the store, I always wanted more, but what was it all for?

My love and OUR LOVE so terrifically darn inspired that TBI = To Be Inspired, like our separate Traumatic Brain Injuries that crumpled our style, her photos, all in my files, like Justine has her own collaboration of her and my photos together on my Photos link on here, on Facebook, that in 2006 I bought a t-shirt that says: “Addicted to FACEBOOK”!

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