Honest, I was crying from pain and I found out about Bitcoin, etc. from Google: “Cry”

Come around the corner, where I’ll warn you, there’s a cop car sitting there, inside the po-po’s with Dunkin’ coffee and donut, waiting for speeders, and COVID-19 “super spreaders” loafing around the house with a loaf of baking bread, to get baked, and stoned… much like Jesus on the Cross, the crosswalk along the train-tracks marks on your arm from the needle-injections of GACK, and we’re under attack, by the Nazi-regime has emerged from the graveyard with an agenda, eating the brains, of the living, “Brains! Brains!” But not like Sheldon B. the lead neuro-psych at UMass where, the negroe nurse would wipe my ass, aww shit!

My brain has powers and my STAY READING THIS GEM!
These crooked pants need a hem, and there’s a couple stains, from a ball-point pen!

Thirst for a drink, raising my fist, but a fighter I am not, like an Army F-18 plane, all plain being 18+ the bare minimum so I don’t watch anything “Teen”, that comes in-between, to be seen on PornHub for the tricky trick, of previewing sex ad’s and fetish chat, toe to toe, a foot fetish listening to “Got The Life” by Korn, therefore thrashing a red Ferrari F355 — like I plan on buying a slightly-used 1999 one when I sell by currencies from the crypt

I Googled “Cry” and that’s how I learned about “Crypto-Currency” God’s honest truth, in 2005/2006 I knew I’d profit, getting in early morning early sunrise now is the time, loan me a dime, repaid in pennies, like Dogecoin was the cheapest, but Rip cost moo-lah from the Breeders, then “Spayed” with an Ace of the spayed Dogecoin Elon Musk recommends

I talked to him on the phone, boarding a plane, I was sane and he heard my story in all of its glory

Laying there in the evening hours I cried, not being an eBay seller, and then bought some Stellar years later, when now I don’t have what it takes to be a good waiter, being one at a favorite restaurant, I would do what I want when I’d see a pick on oh the Sole Proprietor menu… at which point then you…

The cuisine of my dreams brought to me with silver, so careful with the knives, I want 40 wives! Allah you saved me, not as to consecrate me, and I’m done with hospitals for mental upset, I was a wreck, a la ruined Turbo-Tuned seeing WRX commercials on the Tube, Sunday mornings after Church I’d see the Blue Subaru twisting the twisties in the rain, the AWD sportscar was nothing but plain, when it caused me pain, and never did I think I would crash, I want to be spread in ash, in Israel when I die, I want it spread there in the Holiest realm of Israel, for real, for real, for real, but I would joke online viewed by strangers, with strange senses of humor, tickle their funny bone, I was prone, and proud, because of my Dad, a hard-working man, all Honor to him and God Himself The Father, reaching in front of Him I could have not gone farther! but He allowed me to in his Grande Illusion, I made an intrusion, Justine’s innards inside-her and leaving a trace, she was ass-up and I couldn’t see her face, leaking vaginal smegma till sunrise, I’ll tell ya! Twinkle-Bell, and Justine’s Tinkle-Bell pajamas for Christmas, and at Sunday Mass I leaned to her ear, “We’re gonna get married here!” It happened it’s true, she was my long-term “Boo”

What is successful?

Gillette their own stadium in Foxboro and I’ve never been pulled over in Marlboro at my GNC, Sue Rezuke, don’t you see ???

What is stressful?

My anxiety woes have fucking froze, being eradicated with Zany Xanax, my Aunt Donna sending me snacks, a la Gummy Worms, and turning me into a professional writer, I have turned, like the weenies on the Grille by George the Industrial Shoppe “Foreman” arranging orders that I beg you PLEASE… define the details of my deal with CNBC: crypto-currencies, getting in 0-day or day 1 that I survived 2004 when the improvements I needed more, a la Fairlawn I’d mow the grass, and in a wheelchair, lounging on my ass, changing diapers with the Hoya Lift and can you spare a trip on the ski-lift with my MIA snowboard Mom didn’t give me the money for, being unable to hit the slopes of the curve and the tangent at Target shoot-‘em up with your AK’s and Glocks with the safety off!

And my enemies have my fingerprints on a gun they purchased, for what purpose?

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