Happy Birthday Justin Marquis! Happy Birthday Dan Besse!

My artist Brother and my stockbroker successful cousin, very successful after investing our money into “crypto-currencies” that I remember when I’d returned home from my Traumatic Brain Injury SURIVIVAL, MONTH IN THE ICU, 2.5 months in a Rehabilitation hospital, years of recovery from Therapists I still see, and at first: Speech, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy!

… I remember being in my room crying from the TRAUMA of my TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY and wishing that everyone would cry for their influences on me, after that they caused me to get really drunk and sad after Withdrawing from Calculus I at my college… but I have an Associate’s Degree from my Community College that was pretty easy and I had a great job that I learned a lot at Space Camp in the town of Oxford where I lived in an apartment with a neighbor to my misstress’s maxi- hmmmmm am I talking about a blood soaker-‘upper’ “Au Jus” or am I referring to the Nissan Maxima with 19″ gloss black rims in Sport Mode that makes 300 HP and it’s a “large car”

I haven’t driven a car in a couple years because my car is at my home in Charlton, MA where my parents won’t live with me, and when I quit drinking- that was enough for my parents to see that I can take care of myself, except for doing laundry and making meals; I’d wear the same clothes and have too much whey protein!

Happy Birthday Justin Marquis, my brother

Happy Birthday Daniel M. Besse, my cousin stockbroker

Remember, I bought 250 N95 masks years ago when there were only 8 cases of CoVid-19 on the West coast, and I got in so early on Bitcoin, etc. when I bought a bunch of “crypto-currencies”, but I haven’t bought any MMJ in years and I do fine without it, like I hope they have all my Xanax from the pharmacy here at “Averte”

But skipping back, I wrote a long document to Elon Musk who was my “Friend” here on the interweb in 2005 or 2006 and I think I got him on the phone — I was able to get his phone number easily because my Dad is famous in the business world and I told him how encryption is fantastic for money!

Did I talk on the phone to Elon Musk in 2005 ???
Did my Dad get his number for me ???

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