Romanized: al-’Islām, [ɪsˈlaːm] (About this soundlisten) “submission [to God]”)[1]

Drop your ass and lick my cash, with sweetie two-shoes “swagger” to get at her sour lips of Tongue Splashers with that “Swag” on the Rag some old Haggard Braggart

Compliment that profile on the wall but her shadow, showing booty two-shoes “There’s no place like home, There’s no place like home, for all the niggers and the “homies” on the cusp of off the block, with the New Kids that I wish I didn’t have any offspring with these corrupt girls like my doctors are corrupt

Quantum Computing with (PROGRAMMING/WRITING/INVESTING) “Imprinting”


And Tantric Sex and girls and women in the world of the DUBYA-DUBYA-DUBYA


alwayschillen wrxtbi jeffreymarquis ::: COM !!!  *_*

I want to buy a house with a live-in beautiful busty blonde BABE FEMALE BLONDIE-HAIRED and waxed to take care of me like I want to marry this girl unless she’s with a husband

So ,     “Smashing the Stack of Poker-chips for Fun ’n’ Profit” aloud and allowed but the Prophet Muhammed of the Holy Qur’an to benefit greatly so high-up jumping for the net

With 2 “Balls”

Playing B- Ball with my B+ in Creative Writing coming to me now, comin’ on up with the Omen of my words like Omar and Tyrique when and where in the precise location of Derek’s Mom’s house, that, Dana Michael Gardner was Omar and Derek Wayland Langlois (He was “Tyrique”, I love him), but not bigger than His Earth with Life in a dolphin’s blow-hole with Derek’s Mom’s holes in her backyard with many boxes of those really old $100 bills that she has so many of from her divorced dead husband who knows knew some he’s dead I went to the Wake and I woke up with a maelstrom on the Titanic but a helicopter like I think there was a helicopter above me when I got my one and only D.U.I. in 2004 after I voted in The Presidential Election of 2004 with Curious George and QCC and John Kerry who I don’t think is a looker at all, like not even in the least, and I would never look at other guys things of a private la natural hairstyle of love and conditioner when I signed the Terms Of Agreement from when I signed up for this sweetie oh so sweet MacBook Pro with a Sirius satellite playing just by Chance the Wrapper on the condoms the guy in that movie or that commercial or whatever, he opens the latex “lambskin” controlled condoms with his white teeth, that I’m sure people with incongruously lined teeth that are a deep, dark shade of yellow teeth with coffee dulling and not-bright-white teeth on I learned “incongruously” through Microsoft Word that I bought a copy with on my old computer once I reached the pinnacle of “Tiph’s Pinz” online that I never got into very much in the least at least and at least I have a great Air-Conditioner (Gel) (“Jellies”) (and beans) that ceep’s me cool i n  these summer months my parents have a nice view of Baker Pond in the summer months and it is solid in the winter when some lucky guy gets to hang out with his buddy with a fire on the ice to kook their weenies with Fishing “Tilts” set up in this “Averte” “Set-U[]D” out of town and away from the Minister that God is limited to The Speed of Light with a meth-fleshlight just kidding I think Allah is faster than God BUT THIS MYSTERIOUS FORCE IS ONLY “VELOCITY”     through God’s universe that Allah doesn’t get in front of God’s “Wall” like I have no interest in the kids of my Church in Charlton, that Marge J. knows I memorized her name as I concentrate on text I saw her name listed in the credits of not cards but little paper pamphlets they have a pile stacked up and I knew I was odd to do sex with Deedy so I told him to take me to a church in his Saab 9-3 car I had been in in high school at Saint John’s when he had a Durex condom in his car that fag who is into S&M that I didn’t get a tattoo or piercing with him but my gay friend did, and he was into shit like dripping candle wax on his nipples with his many painkiller opiate’s he would use for bodybuilding like Tylenol 3’s ((( Let’s sometimes talk about how NONVIOLENT I will be in time to come too, to come 4 realz with “Tiph’s Pinz” that unfortunately there was no massages for me in the mall or in the mail-order African Princess and her older sister I was lucky enough to know but just off the cuff in a Tux with salt ’n’ vinegar chips you Fux to fix this Islam I feel alive on the regular when I WISH FOR “THE END” OF THIS  trendy  “TREND” OF CHINA’S UP ’N’ COMING PREVALENCE ))) on the global stage with Mr. Deedy teaching stage and I haven’t smoked a cigarette for about 2 years!  that I set off the fire alarm here once when I figured if they bought me a pack of Red ’n’ White Marlboro’s I’d keep in my Bureau but not of Investing in Bitcoin, etc. I may have become rich with, but I am years away from selling my phat stacks of ownership of companies to profit upon the Prophet who I know in the Qur’an he’s called  [ The Messenger]  I love that book that I haven’t finished yet, so, I don’t love any other countries but the USA and France that I don’t know a single French word except Par Lay Voo with Vo, J. June 21st today and I wasn’t allowed to drink at my house other than 1 Smirnoff Ice that I’m shutting the show OFF, so GET ME OFF !!!!! …Allah! =D

I haven’t smoked a cigarette in a couple years, but I like tobacco a lot, and I don’t have MMJ that 3 doctors approved me, from, and for, when I would live at home with my Dad and Mom who have so much money they pay my rent but don’t give me more than a couple hundred dollars, and my Aunt Donna WHO I LOVE! she helps me on the phone and sending me stuff like snacks and I miss the days when I would drive over her house and see my Grammy who died =(

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