The Desrosiers Tombstone near where Grammy and Grandpa “Marquis” lay in a cemetery

Near Grammy and Grandpa’s grave – those are my parents’ feet and legs planting flowers

Entranced by Tiph and her body over the online w-w-w dot trance medium I’ll put you into on the Titanic hitting Scott Berg the drunk of Coz with liquor in his desk, does he smell like liquor? PUT HIM TO THE TEST! that I don’t take anything anabolic of prohormone Testosterone with a chaperone popping DHEA swallowing the whole Holy pills whole, that I don’t take anymore as my Dad said no to its effect of Insomnia that I can’t get no sleep…

Like the black man in the trash can, but he does what he can and cannot do, not being a slouch on a couch with Oscar the Grouch, kicked in the crotch, given my 2nd Movado watch to Brother Justin, and THIS JUST IN — the Ayatollah at the highway tolls as my viewer scrolls, down, then back up to the top of the page, my page, at which point he or she clicks the Back button, laying on her belly with a smelly button on the Teletubbies of Channel 2 on Tee Vee-  don’t you see ?????

I can’t get no sleep :::

Skip de doodle, like a Poodle in a puddle so fuddle with the finder and skip into it to about 3 minutes where it gets good, with a lot of food at Thanks You for Giving me the sexidecimal wrench,  you old wench,  wasting her hair a la The Winch, a Trailer Hitch, being on a Ford but with no escort to get you off in the California west-coast big bouncy boobs in my bed, with dreams of nipples in my head, my heart the fat man farts perusing Justin’s are artsy fartsy Fancy with Lance-y Not so strong without the pills and the shots, illuminated hearts on Valentine’s for all of mine, my enemies, we dine with zero wine in my stomach, that I hurl up wasted water on the girls, thirsty for a drink, Deborah?

A mother like no other, and Justin my Brother with his Winny winning weed he plants a single seed under his Grow-Lights in his closet, that I haven’t cum out of, as I only love the wonderful wondrous women, but zero Mother’s in my bed, no kids to kick in the sweet sweaty seat of the pants as I’m not willing to take “a chance” with a Mommy or her offspring March 20th I was born on the first day of Spring with wide wings sailing in the wind, like a bird in the sky, and why oh why?

Do it, do that with a Payback Paycheck of “Cish-Cash” ticket with the burrs of the Thicket, like a Bible, so thick, so tasty and shiny said the evil crow in #p1mp with all the crackers beating their employed negroes to lay the tracks in the bruised trashy arms of my deceased driver David (Perron) running errands with the insatiable appetites of fat fucks holding cats with a “gat” of a rattling gattling-gun all Tatted up with rolled up sleeves albeit asleep from the Cialis Viagra, no you fool with the fatty food-  The Ambience Ambien sleeping pill so you get a good night’s rest because wet dreams visit the BEST of the rest of the fools in funny shapes on Champlain Lake for fishing a la heavy, thick, and sickening Lunker Bass fish in Dad’s Tourney of a tourniquet turned sour at the top of the hour, or longer, time on the treadmill to reduce abdominal fat fucks at Mickey-D’s smoking MMJ “trees” of bud so be the Weiser in the group and find ECM “Solutions” with solitary confirmation confirmed conversations of the echo-  wouldn’t you know, with the whole game’s “play through” on YouTube! Much music videos with J. Lo’s booty along the royal carpet, and with a thong peeking out between the cheeks when you blow out the candles online gamers with “handles” like nicknames and PLEASE LET ME LIVE, WITHOUT BEING “FRAMED!” committing no sin, so are you in ???

For it or against it be your way, or drive the wrong way on the Highway a la Ash Hannan killing herself and others with her brown eyes, assaulting innocent driving passengers “They ride and They ride,”but not on a Ferris wheel without a methamphetamine drug DEAL from Breaking Bad, cancerous tits if the shoe fits, the write size, always big feet on me!

Married marred Bethany Winthrop with a tight little fatty bum I snuck a peek like Snookie with a cookie but no Monster, the energy drinks- I just take Caffeine pills and Red Bulls by the balls in the Mosh pit, stinky underarms and soiled panties covered in Yeast of the baked bread — that I haven’t gotten “high” in a long time @ 12:56 PM me on a Private Message for my readers: speak your prayers aloud, sky above like a bar of Dove, or a Dive, the cheapest drinks — I quit alcohol in 2016 and I’m so thankful not to be a LUSH like these bitches I remember, getting pregnant with my sperm, a la Sofia and Isabella with “Curled Ears” a defined sign of Allyson Drucker-Hodgkins drinking swills of liquor in a glass, them two “buns” in her “oven” that mine is disconnected from the wall unit of electricity with a statewide static shot in the dark…

My dot-com that I want you to see and just “Be” with B+ grades of Woo State *applause* without a pause, this and lastly my elderly with I see you in the translucent glass made of glass that I want to put it in a girl’s ass once again, oh Laura at The Sole, sneaking into the Handicapped Stall and I have a mental-disability but we didn’t get busted that one time!

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