Pretty little clouds above and dove-bars

Pink pussy stink at the local locality LOCO-mation with locomotion in the ocean down below, this AFTER attending the Pub down the street in where but England speaking English in Great Brittanica- the Encyclopedia cycling Test with Lance, that I wear 2 LIVESTRONG yellow bracelets with the tempo, sitting, typing while pecking taking a peek at Emily Willis’es tiny tits going gonzo in her favorite scenes JUST SCHEMES of accruing cold hard cash with her pretty face and lips and pink pussy in the hizzouse mansion with Charlton’s Charles Manson, and Marilyn Monroe, just a piercing on Tiph’s face with mirrored glasses on in a hot-tub so when she goes to the Pub next-door after serving customers with lip-service at The Moonstruck…

Goodnight Moon, see you soon, when the sun goes down the Son of God in the City of Sin that my enemies do and they will suicides, yeah but not for me as I live with my “Elegance” :::

My best story at the beauty store we have Lexus preparing for her job day to day, justchillen, it was stolen from me so I hate these unclean fucks who remain mysterious, so as not to be seen, that I hope Justine “Tini Ara” Aragona will be my Queen of “Bohemian Rap Music” delaying the temptress without her bright red dress, the Lady in Red, seen at the ECM holiday party… Krystle W. before my crash — how she shines with bright teeth, big booty, been around the block — my Google and Facebook are hacked beyond your wildest beliefs of what they do to me, stealing my clothes in the laundry, I found it where it was returned to me by the fucks here like Sandy, who today I saw Dr. Candy and gave Sandy not the time of day, when I wouldn’t even reply, to her, or COMPLY in this complicated complex of “Averte” in Bradford, Vermont where I have my way!

YouTube: Migos – Dat Way

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