I bring the crypto profit- you bring the Prophet *wink*

Summer Salt and pour your sugar all over me, sweet little miss, so pretty and so pretty-pretty pleasant please me on the Palisades, so Dana be my best pal again, I miss, and you too miss little thang twerking to the beat you shorter shoddy B itching the trigger on my fingers in your V choosing not to FAIL at the depths in debt on my CC# oh how I hope my parents aren’t putting me and my finances in a non-fancy fret of filthy bubbly Champagne with no pain for David Perron, who killed himself, whimsically when he couldn’t get high on H, yeah the “Herron” the aches it takes away like Morphine in the ICU for my painful left hip in 7 pieces in 2004, under Dr. Sheldon pressing Benjamins in his wallet, to the top of the ticket — 84 in a 65 on the Pike, in the Sexplorer, a Ford vehicle when gas was cheap, because of the Sheiks in the Middle-East where I fancy the sex overseas, overseeing it on PornHub every couple days, that I sleep the nights away, drizzly drinking Decaf in my cup and on the cusp of clutching breasts at The Sole Proprietor, it’s the Best, on my old phpBB that I got up to 50 visitors in 24 hours at times New Roman E.D. medicines like Cialis I have some left, where I always use my righty-tighty lefty-Lucy Sergel at the gym on the rowing machine, so Ro won and abortions are strictly legal,and legally Ally had a live-birth abortion with my sperm solidified frozen for a time, until it was now to put way up in her vagina, mama mia, Tess and Tia from Zorba’s and UNO’s I never drank too much there with my Queen Justine around every day just waiting for me to arrive at her home with her Mom and watch your step, said her Dad, when I once fell down drunk sleeping over her home in the zone of Oh how could you cheat on me? and with Tony the TBI soul, no less, I want more of Jenn Morey and the lake near here I went for a hike with Elijah last year, do you hear me Cheer? with no bleach imbibed, awaiting my Bride to be by my side in bed sleeping. And spooning ’till sunrise bright and early using birth-control early, and all of Allah came to me when I came twice laying atop her body, not a virgin, and no viruses between us, in silk sheets on my California King Wayne Marquis, oh how I love my Dad!

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