Drivers, obey the sign limit-

Dine and “whine” you evil fucks in this bullshit “SET-UP” you fucks, and ducks your head S.O.S., so as to duck your heads with the 19 mass shootings in the past week with the weak ones and their guns, to God, and live free or let DIE my enemies GONE! So run or get stung, you fucks who shit and have “The Runs” lol the maid here cleans up my shit in the toilet and I play with my big Toy watching ladies’ my own age causing a RAWKUS in the bedroom, for you my presence so as to present the *** FLASH **** ***DANGEROUS****

My heart grew with GHRP-6 in my left pectoral, maybe it saved my beating ticker, that’s the ticket, so tick-tick-tick my dick needs your saliva all over it unless you’re a “Trick Ho” snorting grammy’s grams of Qualudes to death without a butt-crack on the Teletubbies, just playing, I don’t watch Po ::: Tiph’s favorite red one, at a stoplight, just waiting to go Green in a M@sshole Altima, ultimatum for a soulmate eating Soul Food while talking on the speakerphone, of the House, Chan’s House in town with my enemies being served my own brown shit to munch on — crunch crunch crunch, I do crunches and what’s up with my Bitcoin(s) and cryptocurrencies through DB “The gingus” of yesteryear that I have a TBI and I can’t remember what I did yesterday but I’m not being a faggot gay!

Push poetry along the mesa with my messages of an Islamic takeover, hackers hacking the pipeline with ephemeral tactics in the crazed cranium of yours truly, 1 month in the ICU and watch as the skies light up and we’ll all be AWOL, and semiautomatics killing them all, like Jackie’s RU-486 and Allyson’s real live-birth abortion…


Tantric thoughts of sweet remembrances with my lover as of late, that I shouldn’t have drank beer at her house before I popped the question: as per a Clitoris Piercing screams of piercing pleasure that I’ve never ever broken a Hymen and hi to all the men reading this who are thirsty for driving fast on the highway, but look out for the satellites tracking supercar owners reaching 200 miles per hour on a lonely, barren Interstate highway of Enlightenment having fun my hun, my hunny, God, oh Allah please take yours truly to Him again, with me, like by the year 2023 with Miley’s upcoming TalenTed album that I’ve seen her li’l bum at the nude beach with her shaved puissance pleasantly showing signs of an empty womb, that Kylie Jenner has won in leopard print with undies on for attracting attractive tacts of tacks in the wall with your thumb in a ladies’ poon, being as per bending the spoons, just a mind trick as Facebook’s “box” asks all, “What’s on your mind?”

Junky tattered jeans not to be seen on the shelves in a part of my apartment, but keeping no secrets from The Watchers as I type this and “grind” to the “grind-core” song artist who I WANT TO HEAR MORE AND WITH A HOT CHICK, ME TO SCORE!

Four on the floor (or on the bed, my bed, puffy MyPillow made famous by Trump at Merry-Lagos to the most most most wonderful weather as light as a feather, while holding a flashlight searching in the dark, “Now where did I Park? Places of faces shining shiny bright brotherly love in ‘da big Philly, yes a Cheese-Steak in my fridge from Colatina where I don’t drink beer as I know the STAKES! And this right her, it takes the cake of you scream, I scream, as we Allah scream for ICE CREAM being the cake of chocolate with cookie-bits while the girls have their monthly “Fits” goes the skinny-jeans with alien genetics blessing the ocean of dolphins that have special abilities in their… Do you mind?

I mind my own business her here hearing this from C. and delayed shots of medications like Happy Haloperidol I hate the fucks who want me to act crazy, as my Mom and Dad call me “lazy” for sitting pretty on my pretty red couch declines I see my sit-up bench oh it whines, “Use me, Use me!” When I think of using a dame’s pigtails of her hair on her head as handlebars on my peace

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