I’ve been in this 2nd mental-hospital for over a year, after being in another one for a year !!! fuck my Mom’s side of the family

Please read my latest gifts of GOLD at alwayschillen.blogspot.com =D

and PLEASE I BEG YOU !!! – before ICBM nukes arrive !!! please attend a Protestant church service where there is NO CORRUPTION – –SILLY- Catholics you screwed up raping innocent young boys, corrupting them and trying to hide it MANY TIMES – like this one male teacher who I had for 3 years of classes AT A CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL FOR $$FIVE OR SIX THOUSAND A YEAR$$ , knowing another student/friend of mine who I won’t say his name but I went to NEU “Northeastern” with him, who was shot to death… This teacher Mr. D acted cool with a stylish persona, and he was younger than most teachers, but he polluted my nasal cavities with the finest glassy glossy crystal methamphetamine in 2001/2002 in the winter season of course, but he was a great teacher at Saint John’s !!! He’s since been fired because he had awful, perverted sex with leather and whatnot with a bodybuilder friend of mine and maybe some other students- I remember him saying that night, way back that his bi-curious boyz were at different ages, and maybe didn’t reach their potential because this man who was gay targeted young rich highschoolers all dressed up and who he’d see every day after waking up in his Boston apartment, so he had his privacy, and wearing a metal cock ring that was just tight enough not to fall off — oh that would have been a hoot in class — then driving to Shrewsbury in his Saab that he once let me retrieve a book or a paper or something in the back seat which was totally innocent but in retrospect he should have gotten another teacher to watch us and made the trip to his newish car himself =X

I IMPLORE YOU – attend a Protestant church and hopefully it doesn’t matter how much you give, but just pray to never have to experience the torture which Jesus endured… pray for a SEXUAL HEAVEN !!! it takes you to God at a million billion trillion light-years in a, hmmmm, an instant BUT IT LASTED ALL NIGHT LONG – revealing precious secrets of the universe and God and Jesus was real and maybe a “prophet” but I didn’t see his face or hear his name, not once, but Allah revealed himself with all do respect =D

Like Thanos- God’s bully

Does His being revealed to me with my greatest love ever make me Islamic ???

In the Middle-East some virgins get pregnant with fully intact Hymens JUST LIKE THE “VIRGIN MARY” brought Jesus into the world, and I’ve been fighting to think of him as having some special powers for the past year… but I like going to church with all the nice people, my favorites are the elder widows who feel a presence of their loved-one, like my Dad’s sister, my Aunt Donna who used to live with my deceased-now Grammy who I miss, and I’ve suprised relatives with how much I miss her and while wondering what she experiences with God =D

From my white skin and wealth — AND WITH THIS NEW AND FUCKING AMAZING TALENT OF WRITING DIRECTLY TO YOUR EMOTION COMBATING YOUR BRAIN, and with all my Saint John’s connections having been told to stay away from me — FUCK YOU DEAR DEREK LANGLOIS !!! Derek doesn’t drink alcohol and neither do I with now the STRAIGHT-EDGE sXe individuals have shown themselves to be superior — MYSELF INCLUDED — but know I just don’t think about alcohol I know and I know to acknowledge that my knowing the effects of alcoholism could kill me if -no- WHEN I get my next Platinum Silver Metallic Subaru WRX Turbo with wheels on Z-rated rubber all around measuring at about the size of my pee-pee seven and a half inches!!! that’s a wide tire gripping the asphalt with rubber, and I spray Black Magic that’s a brand of tire shine- cover the walls of my rubber but not the MAGNUM condoms that fit me perfectly because I need something bigger? YES, just wider maybe longer, too, as I’ve never looked in the SJ showers, although I saw Mark Said swinging in the shower where I never got excited- it was like a mission where everyone except the fairies wanted to be stealth like a B-52 bomber, that the U.S. Army has a fleet and I’m just waiting for Trump to save us from Fat piece-of-shit, Kim who wears thongs or some shit

From my white skin and wealth — WITH THIS NEW AND FUCKING AMAZING TALENT OF WRITING DIRECTLY TO YOUR EMOTION, and with all my Saint John’s connections having been told to stay away from me — FUCK YOU DEAR DEREK LANGLOIS !!! Derek ,
I smiled wide at the wacky Wake of your cocaine-dealer dead father, after you spread the Mister Deedy bullshit to all the SJ graduates of our class, on Facebook and think negative thoughts about me even though I was not even close to finishing before I realized that the “upper” had influenced me to do things I would later later regret… Derek you got me, you and your deceased Dad’s Porsche you drive now- this when I always beat you in street-races in my Subaru WRX Turbocharged AWD with Z-rated rubber =D

I blame you and Andy and Allyson and Alex Kozlov ( A.K. he was a druggie to the maxxx ordering chems on the underground of the internet in those far-gone days where Special K could be ordered from Me – hi – co with just a credit card and express shipping for some dissociative “tripping” while boosting metabolism in the human body like Adderall and Dexedrine and Ritalin, the baby brothers of CM

Alex’s parents didn’t know anything Amercican or about computers, or drugs online to pump him up so big, so he let things get out of control at the P.O. Box that should have gotten busted !!!

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