I was first exposed to drunk-driving by my cousin Dan Besse when I was 16 years-old…

Back in the 90’s when we went to a Catholic High School together, Dan and his friend Sean — who were both a grade above me — Dan and his Sean snuck some beers into Dan’s house and we were all drinking the cans together before going to a dance club at The Palladium in downtown Worcester — Dan was going to drive us and he drank a beer or two in his room with one to drink on the way there to Worcester, which was about 20 minutes away from his house in Oakham… He drove us and we got there, which was my introduction to being exposed to drunk driving… We didn’t crash, and we were all 16 year-old high-schoolers… That was my introduction to someone else driving drunk and he didn’t crash… Nothing bad happened… They’re still drinkers, this when I’ve only had 3-4 cans of light beer in the past three-plus years… I don’t drink after my brain-injury occurred when I was driving drunk and sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury leaving me with 4/15 abilities at the scene (Glasgow Coma Scale) of my crash.

I was exposed to someone driving me while they were drinking, underage, and it’s relevant to my D.U.I. car-wreck in 2004 that damaged my brain because Dan influenced me to party with alcohol… I don’t forgive Andy Gleick, who broke my abstinence for over a month of being alcohol-free for over a month, until my crash on Nov. 2, 2004…

my left hip… I hit a telephone pole going fast…
I dumped out my liquor and my parents’ alcohol in September of 2004, a little over a month before I crashed, falling for the bullshit that people who organized a plan to have me arrested for DUI, this right after withdrawing from Calculus I at Worcester State College in 2004…

Someone pretending to be a Sergeant emailed me with a threat on here last week… I lost my license for one year in 2005-2006 and it didn’t go on my record…


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