Have you seen the liquor bottles I poured out in the sink 3 weeks before my TBI in 2004 ???

I didn’t drive that day when I dumped out the booze in the kitchen sink — then, it was THREE WEEKS before my Traumatic Brain Injury in a Subaru WRX high speed WRECK — that was a “SET-UP”!!! A bad group of sinners my Uncle AG, my Girlfriend AD, a druggie homo AK, my steroid GNC boss SR, and my drinker Cousin DB — they almost killed me !!! THEY ARE THE REASON WHY I DRANK (“have one, it’s okay, do it for Ange”…) that’s my bad uncle who had sickening pornography I saw on his computer when I was in preschool or kindergarten… BUT EVERYONE SAYING HE’S GONNA “SET YOU UP, BREAK YOUR COMPUTER, TAKE YOU TO COURT, ETC.” AND SO I DROVE FAST BECAUSE I HEARD that he, my BALD uncle was at my house, knowing where about the spare key… — they organized a scheme to have me lose my license for a year with the Leicester cops almost killing me !!! His son is already going bald, he caught it, poor Michael…

I haven’t had more than 2 or 3 drinks in the past THREE YEARS NOW OFFICIALLY !!! because of my shitty “George Gleick Genetics” that I know two of my cousins are drunks, sometimes driving… I LOST 35 lbs. on a LOW-CARB DIET — I was asst. manager at a GNC for 3 years — I have a 2 year college degree in Comp Sci…. I want to be a writer though !!!!!!!! I went to A.A. once at my church where I learned about Jesus Christ previously, so I went to one A.A. meeting and I wasn’t like the people there, so I continued not drinking, 3 years ago…

Allyson had the idea for me to get me a DUI in my new WRX — thinking she’d save my life??? — NAHHHH!!! BULLSHIT!!! SHE WAS JEALOUS OF ME FOR HAVING RICHES!!! — her Cavalier was breaking down and her next car was a Prelude with 200,000 miles on the odometer– so she talked to my UNCLE ANDY WHO WAS TRYING TO BUST ME FOR DOWNLOADING MANY, MANY FILES FROM A BULLETIN-BOARD OR TWO – some were copyrighted, but others weren’t and I didn’t download video games… I listened to quite often, two Shock Jock’s I grew up listening to WAAF, …and I was on a bulletin-board that cost $10 which my younger brother discovered a year or so before I signed up… Lots of illegal things went on at that dot-com which I’m not sure if it’s still operating…

My parents were too strict in a strange way — anything that they could give to me or buy to ELEVATE MY STATUS AMONG PEERS, they ignored that !!!- if it was better than what my friends and relatives had they wouldn’t get it for me — after they bought me the WRX — they wouldn’t give me a hand with an apartment, or help Allyson Drucker-Hodgkins, WHO THEY LOVED, –ERR, MY DAD didn’t want me to have a prettier-than-Deborah my mom who used to have buck teeth because her shitty home life with a drunk for a dad who was brought home by the cops sometimes — he was in the Army, previously, a mechanic, who smoked and drank, and he was a bad influence – I found myself wishing I could compare him to my Dad, Wayne, his father who tragically died of cancer when he was in a really smart school, Holy Cross, where he barely drank– he wanted me to have another type-of-girlfriend LIKE ONE WITH A TRAGIC FLAW like buck-teeth or having a Disability oh my Dad would have loved that, but I was tall, and Allyson was hottt but she needed repairs on her car that her family couldn’t afford and they weren’t sure if they could pay FSC tuition……… I told them I’d ask my parents to get her a cheap Honda Civic — her Mom, Joann, had a newish silver Civic and I felt so bad that Allyson, my lover, might break down on the highway, Air Conditioning ??? forget about it !!! her car was a hunk of junk so I drove a little over an hour away to see her,, and because of me (and my parents, they wanted me to live in a single apartment WTF? I was in love…) we looked at an apartment in Chandler Gardens, which is where I lived 3 or 4 years after my TBI and I think that’s shitty of my parents to do that like OH SORRY, YOU CAN’T HAVE ALLYSON, SHE DUMPED YOU… meanwhile, my parents were RICH, like they are now, but they won’t let me live in Massachusetts my home, in my room with my bed and a big TV… just “home” the only place I’ve lived at, except this “””SHITHOLE””” ASSISTED LIVING RETARD HOME

They wouldn’t give me my medicine last night because a BROWN GUY was “pretending” and “acting” attempting to screw up… THAT FUCK GAVE ME THE WRONG PILLS and it’s not my first time dealing with him… He was told to screw up the pills as much as possible, and I couldn’t get to sleep…


Trump wants this, and so do I !!! I can taste it…



www.jimgoad.net — THIS GUY HAD SOMETHING TO DO WITH MY RISKING MY LIFE — or rather the police did !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! — was Derek Gaylord an AFRICAN-AMERICAN COP who knows my Minister who’s probably organizing all this shit against me, why? because I love Tantric Sex like Islamic people do — when I was with Justine Tini Ara saw a relative do it on camcorder tape lol


I don’t want any kids, but Allyson Drucker-Hodgkins — my ex of almost a year — was pregnant and I saw her hips get wider, but I never saw the boy or girl STILL, I STILL HAVEN’T SEEN A PHOTO ON FACEBOOK OR TWITTER OR WHEREVER — did it die a stillborn ??? I want to know as I’m curious if she used my sperm that was taken from me,

Andy said I had to or he’d make my life a lot worse, so I think him and her — the two people who decided to set me up !!! — and I’m in Bradford, VT where I’ve been for a year or something, longer, shorter, I have no idea because I’ve been lied to by my-parents who visit every “TEN” DAYS – why not every weekend ???

MY MOM IS MY HEALTH-PROXY AND I WANT TO LIVE IN THE SAME STATE AS HER AND MY RICH DAD !!! LOVE YOU DAD !!! Rest in Peace, Grammy, who I have that 5″x7″ pic of I see every morning, and that’s bullshit Aunt Donna didn’t set up her Voicemail I NEED TO LEAVE HER MESSAGES, BECAUSE YOU AND MOM IGNORE MY CALLS, TEXTS, AND MESSAGES A’QUITE OFTEN !!!

Allah is my God, I believe in Moses, I don’t believe in Noah’s ark… and I think I’d rather not have any children…

WHY ???


SEE? I’M EMULATING “THE SON OF GOD” and that’s Über welcomed by all of humanity…

My brother Justin did some art in his studio of a Pentagram and he has it on Tumblr right now — I didn’t ask for that or anything, and he better fucking not apply that to me and God… =D

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