Feb. 144, 2017 at 8:26 PM

There, it says Melania Trump ‘ ‘ ‘ CHANNELS ‘ ‘ ‘ her, when someone on her staff dug up some old photos and suggested, she wear the same color, with Ralph Lauren in there, and oh Jackie Kennedy… John F. Kennedy’s wife and his alcoholic brother, Ted, who is also known as Teddy, and no one is against me . . . GOD !!! =D

I like Melania Trump a lot… she’s sexy ‘n’ slim… pretty in a dress…

A Teacher says :   Class ,  I need a glass of water ,  so Nicole Loader 100% she was my dream in grade-school… so Nicole Loader  . . . =D

So Nicole Loader walks down the ElementaL ary schooL hallway

Caring not Sharing

Magical Wizardry

Round Robin

Cadillac Escalade


Oh my, I don’t do well at short clips of sentences and brain THERE GOES MY BRAIN AGAIN… brand-names with quirky pronunciations









I fell in love with Tiph, but after her I fell in LOVE with Manny Rotella, a cute girl, who was in really good shape, being a cheerleader, a small girl, she was the Flyer in cheerleading, where her teammates threw her in the air but they didn’t always catch her. . .

She was my Facebook tight-friend whose older sister was pretty. . .


bleh? temperature AMBIENT

plus-or-minus sign +_+

4 two – Squared 

three is Cubed…

a cute accent – spacing acute


my pilcrow paragraph

Plus, an inane comment on your wall, but I’m

not insane


spacing cedilla willow rainforest tree

one, or two

masculine indicator ordinal ordinals

according to the or,dained Minister,

right double angel quotes

inverted question mark, up-side,

superscript super…

Did you like my poem ???

Yes? No? Maybe?

I Liked it a Lot !!!!!!! =D

Did you see how I started writing the poem the First Line quote :

‘ ‘ ‘ Comp,fortable, ‘ ‘ ‘ like ‘comfortable’ . . .

I remember when Professor Gibbs said that it’s a bad idea to start a poem

With a misspellllling. . .


Oh! how wow sit in a circle for a pow-wow at the Ti-Pi Tee Pee on the Indian Reservation where? like Indiana where there were a lot of Sioux Indians on the Rezdezvous Womanizer RESERVATION… there I did it, I used the same word two times close together, and I didn’t think I could do it bcoz I don’t usually do introduce a new word each time…

pimps are womanizers and I have never known a pimp ,

Miley Cyrus sings about how she needs- a man to quote-unquote to “adore” …

She adores you-hu-hu-hu-hu-hu 

But she adores you now who? who? who ? who?

Jeffrey Marquis here spinning classical anthems of, oh say  Selena Gomez who did this photoshoot with a Robin’s egg shell natural blue, according to the circumstances-  I stab the throttle of a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo MR… 

But going back a few decades ago when I was 21 and situated at Northeastern University, roommating with Jim Cassidy R.I.P. before he was Murdered by thugs in my area. . . ***hold on, we’re going now to Cape Cod*** where you can live nicely in a suitable hotel on a weekend vaca, in the Cape of Cod ((( if you get my jist not my fist, in your face, as Justine gave me head all the time and she swallowed WHEREAS with Allyson she wouldn’t get me off ))*** I have never punched anyone in the face*** and ***no-one has punched me *** 


Chameleon and Chem – Kings  of  Leon and you are gonna Love this. . . I would take my girl to the trucks top restaurant and fuck her in the handicap bathroom, with her head in the sink, wrists bonded with zip-ties, there with her ripped thong on the wet floor, bcoz she took a piss all over the floor, slipping IN IT… Falling… and she had a smile on her face doing it, with her pee-strips… she tested her hormones to see if she’s pregnant and she probably is…

If she is, she’s gonna have an abortion probably around the 2nd or 3rd Trimester . . .

She wants you to think about her in ‘’’The Best Way Possible’’’ like 



Bretheren blow breath in now not out but something else completely, I assure you, as we trans-fix transfixed thought-patterns of neural networks negating the need for now, as we speak, to the hearts of many, betwixt, and let’s see how far I can take this, where, we came, we won, we partied, but the party is happening now, evolution in all possible areas of the universe all throughout and within myself I utilize the utmost in very variable flavors, coming at my taste-buds now, all flavors and citrus making my lips perk, or perch, like a dove perched on a ledge of a building, finding about more over the landscape like a ‘ ‘ ‘ drone ‘ ‘ ‘ if you hear me, one of those twirly-birds in the sky, snooping on people’s private business, like what would you do if you were coming out of the shower and you see a drone buzzing outside the window, videotaping you naked as a breach of your own personal privacy, and you’re gonna be pissed, but I’m gonna be fine, seemingly innocent . . .

God =D

branch in the park for some to see . . .

lottery tickets I used to play ‘’’bcoz’’’ they have Lucky ‘’’Winner’’’ names on them and I won $250 on a $5 ticket called ,  Pinball Wizard ,  but I don’t play the lottery anymore . . . 

Formication The sense of ants crawling on your skin.
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