It happened on page 33/34 single-spaced with the smallest Arial font while I’ve never taken Jintropin because it’s from China and Sylvester Stallone took it where it’s banned in Australia

I have the first 20 pages but “Hodge Podge” I have no “pudge” like I believe and it may be truth a certain girl got my stolen sperm, so I wonder when she squeezed out my baby, She keeps secret but they stole my sperm when I was in the ICU in 2004

Were babies made with my stolen sperm ???

Here’s the first 20 pages that these jerks didn’t delete on my MacBook Pro that has “master-desktops” on, and my Samsung phone is hacked too by my-enemies who caused my bad injuries pages long

One thought on “It happened on page 33/34 single-spaced with the smallest Arial font while I’ve never taken Jintropin because it’s from China and Sylvester Stallone took it where it’s banned in Australia

  1. Something happened at the split of pages 33/34 it was INTRAVENOUS JESUS a la BOTOX in my calves

    Saturday, October 14, 2017

    Comer Corner the cluster and come hither,
    Or I’ll be your anointer not your appointer
    pointing fingers over pints of pilsners
    Fisting and Jostling you’re a deco I can overthrow

    Uprooting the grass so I’m mowing
    Adjoining and foreshowing signs of preggers
    All the beggars — feed this man with a sign
    Baby coily oiling at Sunoco breakdown

    Toileth with Lois Lane-eth announcing antagonizing anecdotes
    With the disjointed smoking poles from the top down
    Acrobatics to do this or that with a rat-tat-tat-tat

    A clogged toilet we’ve got a clogger of the logger that’s a voider
    Flamoyant but obeyant and reading minds being clairvoyant
    Crushing a lonely Ant — loyal to the Queen generating offspring and there is no situation as Mr. Blake jokingly joshes that The Situation is going to give Snookie a cream-pie

    I’m the TaLLer footballer with resolvest revolvers revolving on an Y -axis

    I solveth the riddle when I play the fiddle with a paddle

    Fixing the intermixing, I try,
    begging people to stick to their own race when making babies

    Everything is going to be good and circulating the body with customers GETTIN DE FUNK OUT, OF HERE with all honesty

    Before I adore with four I snore when a plane and soar
    I swore I’d be a whore in the days of yore oh Scotty Dore
    But then again maybe it’s all at the store
    Pour your core to the more-more-more
    With a lion’s roar I score by the shore for sure
    Me singing “Singapore” for all the world’s poor

    But I’m the ambassador who you abhor
    Like a counselor in Ecuador
    I’m a hoarder on TV
    With a Ford in the driveway and oars in the boat that stays afloat
    Cut the hull with a sword
    The S- word oh Hess with Tess and Tia, Mama Mia onto you I know what you’re trying to do to me and I do not want sex with guys I’M NOT GAY and I have only loved women. The last time I went to a mental-hospital I had a gay fag black roommate I didn’t like him but I have a caring feeling while reeling in a bass I can feel pulling, tugging the line trying to avoid being reeled in. Alas

    No mas and I’m thinking still and but if only and loving myself with a belief in the God I experienced inside of my ex-girlfriend on the second upcoming of a SWING INTO THE UNIVERSE where I saw nothing was going on so I just floated away from Earth then I continued flying until I saw my landlord’s face with his beard in white and blue like smurfs, like God Mike helped me but I didn’t need to be saved and the face I remember is like cool arctic colors with hologram effects which predicts that holograms ((( not the Illuminati ` ` ` Good Lord I won’t touch that guy I’m straight and I love beautiful women God let me ”’give them life”’ where ??? but where oh Brutus you brutal butch bitch who’se focusing on the Focus Factor that is still sold on shelves at CVS and Vitamin Shoppe mmm those itty-bitty adult appendixitis symptoms symphony with me walking waking hours of my day that aren’t fucking many no not at all ”’Look what you made me do”’ and I love this writing when I’m singing in the fucking sky real high- so high I hit the GLASS CEILING WOMEN in the Workplace ` ` ` but not like digging coal that would hurt a girl’s back when she’s gripped the shovel shaven pink puissance that’s a real French word )))

    I feel this

    But si mademoiselle your maxi-pads it was early in the month at that time when one of my girls continued to be as nice as possible to me despite her hormones, I remember it so well I want my hundred page copy and the 33 page masterpiece that my-enemies deleted

    My flow was uninterrupted and the season changed in my writing where I didn’t trip but it was Heavenly like LSD before showed me but it wasn’t mine a friend got it

    I remember something happened when I reached 111 pages and I want that to happen again when I’m not fucking around haha lol I ”’do what they say”’


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