I was with God Himself when I did Justine like she saw her Mom Linda do on videotape

From the heart to the trigga, you’ll always be my

I’m wondering how much further I can take this seemingly ‘new’ life. Things I had never done because I was too timid. Nothing is feeling exactly the same as it was. I’m walking around with a cloud over me that follows. Don’t feel bad for me. I feel excellent and fresh. I’m wondering if Allyson leaving me is good for me. Completely starting anew. Friends are starting to branch apart, as it’s that time in life. And this really does feel like a different life. I don’t know how to explain it, but being away from home and daily life with friends for so long has made it not alien, but foreign. It’s refreshing. I can’t complain about my life. Everything I had taken for granted in its regularity is once again ‘new.’ Like getting home from a vacation. Everything is probably a little brighter, only because you were unfamiliar with it.

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