A little title…

╚══════.♥. ════════════════════╝

╔═.♥. ═════════════════════════╗

╚══════.♥. ════════════════════╝

“Don’t believe everything you think.”

Tuner’s tuning tunes in the Tundra ( Dad’s trading his in, for a new one )

Turn the TunerJeffrey Richard Marquis www.jeffreymarquis.com

and at the end are the “ashes” for Ashley H. who didn’t smoke… didn’t play football or dance the fancy-pants lingo, calling out BINGO!

Look at you dear dressed all cheery popcorn fun, to show you loves living at home with two fun parents ((( that’s what I miss ))) Dad the classy Cabela’s gear in his new Ranger boat, loaded

Tit for Tat we have it like that thing over there and that’s that !!!!!

Grey hair, wear a hat !!!

I’m getting a haircut tomorrow and it will mark the longest time I have ever enjoyed my life until the next appoint-MINT , think dammit, think in coins, or lozenges

The beat goes HEAVY and where do the shoes go ???
The disc-jockey wears the appropriate Jockey “under-waez”

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