Mom and Dad deserve my online hugs N’ kisses for being so nice to me… =)



Hi Mom and Dad, finally a post about you two who have saved me and supported me in this life where I’m trying really hard to give them good lives with their sons !!! hi bro!


BUT FIRST ::: I hope the “””CHINESE~DISEASE””” doesn’t kill us all…

I’d kick some short Asian ass, but there’s only white people here — and that’s just how I like it — no poor “niggas” on the block who’d steal and engage in naughty misconduct…

*ahem* excuse me, we all love the African-Americans !!!!! round of applause =)

My Dad “GREAT-WAYNE” would protect his wife and you could ask him about the time where he was in his fishing boat with my Mom — they were camping — and two guys were snooping around their campsite on the lake, looking in their car… probably for stuff they could steal, my Dad said to my Mom in the back of the boat with all the gear, he said, “GET THE AXE !!!!! And the guys retreated !!!!!

Mom and Dad i.jpg

My Dad’s tough and he’s great at business with his successful company that he sold so he can be retired with his beautiful sweet wife, my own Mom !!!!!

They had a Black Labrador named Ripley for eleven years, who was a nice addition to the family, and they’re thinking about getting another Black Lab-  my Dad wants to name it “Jasmine”…  Me, I would like a cat !!!  Justin has a cat he loves, and his roommates have another so it’s like cat “city” !!!!!

My parents love my brother Justin and I !!!!!


But I hate my Mom’s shitty side of the family because they all came up with a “PLAN” to break my abstinence with me driving drunk, having made an extremely far-fetched joke (inseminating an infant) that WAS EXTREMELY FUNNY ONLINE in a “Shock Jock” online JOKE-FORUM — but back to the filthy Gleick side of the family — dead grandpa George Gleick THE DRUNK who just drank all day, at work and shit !!!!! There were many times the cops brought him home because he had too much to drink and he couldn’t afford cabs… PATHETIC !!!


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