GO USA, ban foreigners from entering the country !!!!!


Craftsman ???

Nah, how about Crafts-MASTER !!!

…in a big bass boat made by the American company “Ranger” with Japanese mechanics powering the immense motor on the tail, listen to my -tale— and what’s, what’s the tally between the brick-buildings An “alley” now lets have a TRUMP –RALLY– oh God what’s the chance an old city-dweller gonna die of COVID-19 ????? It can’t be “seen” sipping, splitting spleens in the aged patient — not quite 40 — to be exact your age 38 — P.O.V. = Prisoner of War with the virus and Miley Cyrus pissing squatting down, have you seen that photo of her doing that and drinking a spritzer with what looks like a “Corona” Light on the beach in the dark… and a friend taking a picture of her squatting Passy leaking yellow liquid onto sand… ((( There’s a total of 2 sets of 4 = 8 photos of Miley pissing in public, plus one work-safe one, look online )))

AND ?????

I see the light !!!

The flame lighting a cone with nature, growing smoke, because you probobly know Bob whose cutting 2×4” wood into footlong sticks, thick sticks, fucking Chinese-kinks with the virus !!! Mister “Bob” is cutting many sticks and he doesn’t know what to do with them, he just likes to fire up the hardware Crafts-man to “saw” stuff like “seen” it, a la presto!!


Crafts-MASTER oh massa, massa Dave Chapelle the Chaperone of these little piglets like nothing

I take Lamictal for anti-seizure, and I use CBD !!!!!

I had three (3) seizures in the hospital 15 years ago…

I’m sorry I was a drinker in 2012-2016 as because I’ve only had a couple drinks in over three (3) years now — a few seizures long ago in the ICU, and now not drinking- my choice, it’s not allowed here, where weirdo’s are near

Where Wierdo’s are Wearing “Wierd” clothing with N95’s and face-shields, my way, it’s my way or it’s the highway… then again, it’s a month coming-  May ,

STAY AT HOME !!!!! YES !!!!! Do you remember when you’d be at work doing work and working it but not twerking it with a bubble butt- oh the bubbles- it’s all fizzy in my nose, Nurse, here’s your “Dose” of most it’s a MUST with the Captain giving a pelvic THRUST so turn your eyes, “chile” and pray to the Lord, if this night before I wake… I pray the Lord my soul ((( ))) to take but not-today “wake ’n’ bake” you know what that means to the Queens in Queens, NYC- listening to “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen have you seen ???

It’s got Wayne (hi Dad) and Garth on public-access TV “Wayne’s World” and   Li’l Wayne operating a crane bereft be-kweft with a Craftsman’s Craft-MASTER please without “disaster” oh 9/11 bring me to Heaven but not a fan of dark skin on them schwoogies given Noogie’s on the school-bus ride home, it’s where the <3 is Melanie Oh Son I’ll drive you to baseball-practice, when the temperature is “Ambient” like the music, the tech-no, do you know ????? Boom,tisk Boom,tisk brap-brap-brap goes Eminem’s rap CD-  wrapped in plastic you have biting teeth on the edge to open it with the 1”x 2” price-sticker with the bold price in the top-left corner, you know ???


Right.  E.  O.

Eating an Oreo “nookie” rubbing a ladies’ cookie with milk from none other than the mother ,

Nursing her sweet angel, remaining still, but not like a stillborn or something unfortunate like that, but the Coronavirus or the Paneravirus eating bread all glycemic (Glycology) on a razor-fast sport-bike carving in the canyon with Candy and Andie Valentino on PornHub shying away from anything “Hardcore” she’s more of an adult-model teasing her kitties and Ta-Ta’s fresh out of the Casino on Felix the Cat -Boulevard she’s got you hard, yeah-  oh she’ll “Gitcha!”  Comin’ atcha !!!  Sour puss- I recall the last channel on the clicker—  I don’t need to examine it more than sanitizing the buttons — becrat! The SERIOUS-VIRUS has “tried” us, and us humans on Earth are hopefully not in an old-age-home. . . 


Correlation or Causation ?????

I think it is !!!!!

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